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wfz said:
Mr Khan said:
When he says "narrow down" he means specifically third party characters. The headline that the OP quoted is itself slightly erroneous.

To be more clear, he actually says that when selecting from more third party characters, he won't choose them lightly and will have a narrowed list to choose from so as to not lose focus on the game.

Everyone, what he's saying is that we're likely to see just a very small handful of new third party characters. He's said absolutely nothing else about the roster size.

It's more fun to read it out of context, though?

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Get rid of Wolf and Falco, or at least change up their movesets. We don't need 3 identical characters.

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radishhead said:
I want Professor Layton! >:(

Oh, yeah! He would be awesome!

Imagine before his special the screen goes black and POW!

People say they miss survival horror games, but those 3 frames are more scary than any Resident Evil can be!

He could also fight with swords

Tis OK more 3rd parties for Sony.

In all reality though, I am a bit sad. I was and still am hoping for a character battle between Sony and Ninty. I want Ninty to deliver some 3rd party characters to try and one up PASBR. Then in the future if PASBR does well we will see great competition between the two. I for one believe competition to be good. Can't wait to see what Ninty brings to the table this time.

I still plan on seeing Pacman and Megaman.


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NintendoPie said:
KungKras said:
I want a Mewtwo that is overpowered.

Why?! Are you going to be a noob and use him all the time?!?!

I still haven't gotten over unlocking Mewtwo when Melee was new. (If you've seen Pokemon: the first movie, you'll know how powerful Mewtwo is supposed to be)
I was all like "NO WAY IT'S MEWTWO, I'M GONNA KICK ASS WITH HIM" and then I realized that he sucked. He is currently the second lowest tier character in the game, only below Pichu. ಠ_ಠ


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Fusioncode said:
Get rid of Wolf and Falco, or at least change up their movesets. We don't need 3 identical characters.

But they did change up their movesets.


Kenology said:
kitler53 said:
Kenology said:

I stand by that comment.  It's a rip off with cosmetic changes, accept it!

Like a link to thread about an article by some random Sony fan that I already posted in way before I posted in this one is gonna change that fact, lol! 

and you are welcome to your opinion.  but you'll still be wrong.

I'm not reading that, as I'm assuming it's some lame rationalization you've managed to convince yourself of that it isn't a ripoff.  C'mon, dude... lol.  It is what it is.  For the last time, accept it.  And move on.

it's not some lame rationalization.  it's that i've actually taken the time to inform myself on its gamepaly by reading the impressions from sources who have actually played the game.  something you clearly refuse to do..

menx64 said:
The less third parties the better, unless it is called Travis Touchdown of course ;)

Dammit, I forgot about Travis Touchdown... I want him too... But what kind of taunts would he be able to say/do SSB4? He is always cussing or making obscene gestures, lol... And "Recharging your sword"... Ummmmm... I don't feel Sakurai would be ok with that <.<