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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo E3 2012 Conference - E3 is Dead. Long Live Nintendo Direct!

My hype levels are building. They shall soon be over 9000.


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Can I get a ticket please?

I'll bring candies, popcorns and more!

How's bringing the drinks?

Please excuse my bad English.

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Can I have a ticket and Luigi Mansion 2 please???


Alrighty, everything should be up to date, and I'm sure Miz is hard at work getting you good folks your seats!

Also, if you see anything (particularly the Confirmed/Rumored game sections) missing, please help me out! ^_^

The only press conference stream I've missed in the past 6 years was 2011. I was in Korea and it began at like 3am, and I had to teach at 7... too tired to stay up or wake up for it.

Looking forward to this year's much more since I'm now living in the US. Won't lose any sleep, and Nintendo's showing should be much better than last year's!

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This thread needs more GIFs...

I am hyped!


Damn, gif overload. Took me 2 minutes to load this page on my dsl...

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spurgeonryan said:
Miz I will pay you to put two of my avatars on the train. 50 dollars.

No cheating!

radishhead said:
Oh man, I've got to sit next to Spurgeon on the hype train - well, this could be an interesting E3

lol see if someone is willing to trade :B