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Forums - Website Topics - Adding to your games collection on VGChartz

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If i lose my game collection with the upgrade... I'll send a really irate letter to ioi and a bottle of piss to pezus. Well, I may send the piss to pezus anyways.

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Just got Dragons Dogma and Mario Tennis. Can't add Mario Tennis (3DS) so I'll just log it down here until the day I can finally add it.

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I have close to 700 games and I would not want to add them all again!

I'm sure the database will stay... there's many, many man hours of work gone into that, and they're not going to want to start that again.

I'd note that Mario Tennis Open doesn't even seem to be in the database. It's still listed as the untitled "Mario Tennis" for 3DS

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

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Adding Halo ODST and Halo Anniversary to my collection. Also, Gravity Rush and Lollipop Chainsaw (paid for both).

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Why isn't Trials Evolution or Fable Heroes in the search? I've been wanting to add these game for several months now, but they're never there.

Got more games than I'll ever remember, now. My profile will never be accurate. You've broken my heart, VGChartz. You've broken my heart.

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Cannot add Spec Ops: The line (PS3).

So any new way of doing this yet. Can't seem to add some games.