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What Marvel superhero do you enjoy the most?

Iron Man 1 12.50%
Thor 0 0%
Hulk 0 0%
Spiderman 1 12.50%
Xmen -post individually below 1 12.50%
Ant Man 0 0%
other Avenger -post individually below 0 0%
GotG- see above example 2 25.00%
other post below 0 0%
DC bro!!!! 3 37.50%

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spurgeonryan said:
Pavolink said:
So, I came from the cinema after watching the Winnie the Pooh movie.
It made me cry. No one, not two, but many times during the movie. Tears were coming from my eyes for the first time in years.

This movie is for grumpy adults like me.

I keep hearing this is really good. Can you say a bit about what brought tears? Memories or just happy sad moments?

Memories, as it was a cartoon from my childhood.

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The movie thread is back!

I'm watching The Break season 2 atm, Belgium French police drama. Waiting for Picard and season 4 of the Expanse. The last movie I watched was erm forgettable. I can't remember. I usually have sci-fi channel on at night while racing which is now showing Xena warrior princess all the time, blergh.

Gold rush is back on, both in the water and on land, same old.

Oak island should be good. Picard is still coming soon. Stop advertising it and start broadcasting!