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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - OFFICAL Kinect Star Wars Thread! -UPDATE- Reviews are live

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Will you buy!?

Yes, always has been a fan. This be day ONE! 10 18.52%
Ya sure, star wars is cool, not day one.. 7 12.96%
No thanks, not a star wars fan 0 0%
Not by a long SHOT 37 68.52%
CGI-Quality said:
chris212223 said:
CGI-Quality said:
Millenium said:
CGI-Quality said:
My console is paid in full!

I am now extra jealous of you!

I've decided against getting one myself ( ) in the hope that MS will release a Halo 4 console later in the year.

They will, you know they will

Worst part for me - they'll sucker me into that one as well! :D

How many 360s do you have?

Soon - 2.

Oh lol i remember you talking about getting the Gears one and i thought hmm i guess thats his second one and after i read this i was like wow hes getting a third one!? =o lol

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the game looks in all honestly like it is just more kinect shovel ware. the console and controller look awesome but the game itself? about as exciting as michael phelps push the limit

I have no interest in the game but I love how the console looks. Very cool.

I'm definitely not going to buy this game, but I might rent.

Totally waiting for reviews here. Could be a nice game, could also be total garbage.

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Waiting for reviews. But I know that I'll buy it anyway...

Eagerly awaiting my console next week (this will be my fifth 360 I believe, though only ever had one die).

Hmm, review wise the game will suffer from the jedi segments. However the podracing, rancor, and dancing segments all look solid. They could pick up the slack for the entire package.

For metacritic...this game will be reeeeaaallly lucky to settle in the low 70's. But i dont think so.

But hey, at least its a confirmed million seller, including all the 360s its gonna sell offcourse. So not a total loss :P

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I was mildly interested until I watched a Kinect All Access video focusing on it. Urghhh.......

Is there something lower than "Not by a long shot"?