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 My first car after a good clean yesterday. Only passed my test about 2 months ago. 

Renault Clio mk3 1.2

When I get my 1 years no claims bonus and my insurance drops about £2000 from what it is now I'll get the Renault Clio RS 197. Drove my friends last night and love it!

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This is my current car, just took it in to fix the tail light yesterday.




My future car (not really 'dream') but my next purchase will be:


Of course including the ladies.

Porcupine_I said:

that would be mine:

that was my first car ten years ago :)


and then i made something like this with the car (but not as bad)

This is like mine now:


Dream car? Very recently this:

I would like a confortable highway machine so I would (will maybe, but it's expensive) choose this:

Lots of compacts in here, I personally like my cars big. 

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited Edition. 2 years old and still love it. 




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Corvette Z06.It´s a beast, 505hp, 7.0 liter V8 engine

I have a Silver corsa, but mine has a Welsh dragon on the Reg plate

Buying in 2015: Captain toad: treasure tracker,

mario maker

new 3ds

yoshi woolly world

zelda U

majora's mask 3d

Lotta Eurocars here....take ah japanese for that

Nintendogamer said:

I have a Silver corsa, but mine has a Welsh dragon on the Reg plate

You're welsh? What part of wales are you from may I ask?

2000 Pontiac Bonneville

2002 AWD Pontiac Aztek

1990 Chevy Silverado Z71 1500