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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The most disappointing video game sequels?

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Star Fox Adventures and Super Mario Sunshine come to mind for me. Also, I never cared much for Chrono Cross after the total awesomeness that was Chrono Trigger.

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Gears of war 2, battlefield 3, Dragon age 2, halo reach, Half life 3

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Donkey Kong Racing. Such a disappointing picture on my Gamecube box and an even worse trailer. I'm kinda glad it never got made.

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Star Fox: Assault. Although Adventures was essentially a shoe-horned idea of mixing an original Rare idea with Star Fox for more instant commerical appeal, it's still a solid title that branches off successfully from the original formula.

Assault felt like a travesty for being so average with their new ideas and feeling worse when it came to 64's tank and air battles. Awful second half in regards to story, annoying shooting moments while standing on an Arwing, and so...much...more.

Gears of War 2 was soo disapointing

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Despite the fact that my love for Double Dash is less than my love for 64, objectively Double Dash is the better game by a good stretch: more characters, content, better steering, multiplayer options, and leagues better track design (which was Kart 64's biggest problem)

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Death to the person who says Chrono Cross!

My pick is Uncharted 3.

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Oh, right, forgot to add my own suggestion

Given conversations we were having yesterday, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike seems like the obvious choice.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

I only count ones that had prequels I actually liked. I would put FFXIII but I've never thought FF was much good, for example.

- Metal Gear Solid 2
- Metal Gear Solid 4
- Majora's Mask
- Wind Waker
- Mario Sunshine
- Starfox Adventures
- Starfox Assault
- Starfox Command
- Halo 2
- Halo 3
- Modern Warfare 2
- Resident Evil 5
- Metroid Other M

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oldschoolfool said:
resident evil 6 was good,but I felt let down bye it at the sametime. did'nt really care for the boring enviroments and the uninspiring boss battles. did'nt like the co-op aspect of it either. It just did'nt feel like a resident evil game.

Resident Evil 6?!!!