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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros fighter of all time?

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Mr Khan said:
Conegamer said:
I cycle between Zelda, Link and Wolf really.

But I use Zelda about 65% of the time, so her. She's so overpowered that she can easily kill enemies with one well-times smash, is heavy so she isn't launched easily, and has great ranged attach for massive damage.

Sheik, on the other hand, is light, nimble and capable of huge combos. They contrast each other enough to be the character to beat in my eyes.

I've found myself enjoying the feel of Zelda's attacks, but not her movements, which is why i've never seriously used her. Sheik i rather dislike on the whole.

I agree, Sheik is terrible. Can't use any smashes or launch player, but is useful for dealing a load of damage quickly (sorta like Pit). So good for teams really.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Falco is my best. I also kick ass with jigglypuff. JIGGLYPUFF FTW!!!

Samus (N64) then all my love goes to Zelda

Luigi! I like Fox too!

This guy:






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spurgeonryan said:

You did see the video that I post right?





Here's my mains for each game:

Bros.: Link
Melee: Falco
Brawl: Toon Link

Though I did have secondary characters that I loved to use:

Bros.: Donkey Kong
Melee: Ganondorf
Brawl: Ganondorf/Bowser (I wish I could be good with Sonic )

Also, here's a match of me playing someone in an AllisBrawl match. Yes... it's an online Brawl match, which means it has lag. (The end is the best part )

Smeags said:

What the fuck?       O.O

Captain Falcon!!!!

My best in Brawl is Olimar. I'm good with most characters though. l

My best in the 1st game is Captain Falcon, but I mostly spam the Falcon Punch, :P.