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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros fighter of all time?

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Lucas! I love Lucas!

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1. Princess Zelda (Brawl)

2. Dr. Mario (Melee)

3. Pikachu (Brawl)

Those are the ones which I have more fun playing as, and because I dont play to win they are my favorites , but I'm more skillful with Melee's Marth

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Meta Knight is my favorite and then Link and Kirby are the runner ups.

1. Link (N64)
2. Mario (Melee)
3. Marth (Melee)

spurgeonryan said:
NintendoPie said:

Meta Knight is my favorite and then Link and Kirby are the runner ups.

Meta knight! You played the best with him?

Yes, he is my favorite and I'm the best at him. Why do you ask? XD

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Ice Climbers. After them, Marth and Kirby. =)

I'm invinsible with Mario, hes my favorite.

I usually get bored of using just one character before I can truly master them, which results in me being dreadfully average with most of them, instead of being really good with a few of them.

A couple of characters did take pretty long to get bored of, though. Namely, Ike, Toon Link, Sonic, Samus, Ganondorf, and most recently, Marth.

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