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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros fighter of all time?

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Smeags said:

Also, here's a match of me playing someone in an AllisBrawl match. Yes... it's an online Brawl match, which means it has lag. (The end is the best part )

lol you're right, awesome ending XP

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Luigi!!! Best smash attack IMHO. Ganondorf is pretty good too.

Ganondorf ;)


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Oh my goodness, Smeags you're amazing! XD

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SSB: Started with Pikachu, but soon dropped him for Kirby. Loved this little pink devil!

SSBM: I went from Kirby to Roy after my discovery of the GBA Fire Emblem. Roy was my boy! Very sad he didn't make it to Brawl, but little did I know... I would fall in love with Fire Emblem PoR and RD.

SSBB: Ike is just a beast! Although lately, for my friends, I have been using Jigglypuff. I think I may now be better with Jigglypuff than Ike. -.-

Smeags said:

That's a kick-ass ending if ever there was one. Ganondorf rocks; tr4q.

This is a hard one because I play this game a lot, but my top four are:

Meta Knight

Everyone here knows Metaknight is deemed as a cheat right?


I usually play random, but I'm best with Zelda. Really hard to lose when I use her.