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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Three red lights but my X360 still works. Please help!

So I get the stupid 3 red lights but I can still play. Is it a glitch and everything is ok or is it about do stop on me. Should I go ahead and get the X360 repaired or wait and see if it does stop working?????

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It's a Christmas miracle!!

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You should video tape it!!!


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no just wait unless your warranty runs out (if it hasn't already).
Does it happen everytime you turn it on ?

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Yea It's out of warranty. It does this every time I play, red lights but runs as normal.

well if you are out of warranty you might as-well wait until it actually dies... if it does....

d21lewis said:
It's a Christmas miracle!!

hahaha, excellent post!


 immaculate conception is nothing compared to this!

Your Xbox is just telling you that its red light warning indicators are broken.

But in all seriousness, unless the fans are unusually loud, indicating overheating, I'd just ignore them. If it's broken anyway, may as well wait until it refuses to turn on before paying for a repair job.

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