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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Three red lights but my X360 still works. Please help!

greenmedic88 said:
toadslayer72 said:
Nightwish224 said:
I've actually heard of this happening before. Just play until it really dies! :)

My Xbox is 4 years old, and recently it takes longer to shut down. Otherwise it still works!

I've noticed this too with one of my old fats ever since the update. It's not a ridiculously long time but it used to be instant.

I hadn't noticed this until someone else brought it up, but same here. 4.5 year old Zephr model used to shut off almost instantly but now I can hear the fans spinning for a good 20 seconds after the green power light turns off. It's definitely from the update.

Same here, I have one of those old fats and it suddenly started taking an extra 10ish seconds to turn off. At first I was worried maybe my xbox is starting to die on me, but glad to see its the same for everyone.


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Get the 360 slim. its quiet and cool (literally)


It will fail eventually, usually within a month. Enjoy it's company for now but start preparing to replace it (if you want to). Even though the lights are gone it doesn't mean the problem has. The red rings are a fault code that reports on startup, usually of course when the fault code is triggered the console is in such a state it cannot start. In your case the fault i s marginal so your console still seems to function at the moment.

My 360 did once RROD one time when turning it on but when I tried again it started fine. I thought that was just a silly glitch then 6 weeks later it proceeded to RROD after a gaming session and was subsequently returned to MS for repair (been fine for 2 years now). Sometimes you get a nice early warning I guess