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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 3 Console Graphics King

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1.uncharted 3
2. God of war 3
3. Killzone 3

Uncharted and god of war are almost inseparable but uncharted JUST edges it.

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Aldro said:
pezus said:
d21lewis said:
I admit it looks good--the best I've ever seen--but it's not like it's a whole generation better than other games. I loaned it to two co-workers and neither of them said anything about it except "It's easier than the last one". No "Oh my God, THE GRAPHICS!" or anything.

They thought UC3 was easier than UC2? Wow, I must be doing something wrong then. 

UC3 fucked my ass big time. I found UC3 to be much harder, possibly even as hard as UC1. Then again on UC3, you're constantly on the move... Nah I still say UC1 is the hardest followed closely by UC3 followed waaay behind by UC2.
ANYHOW : I'm glad you guys seemed to like the thread and to all of you that say "No shit" well.. SOMEBODY HAD TO MAKE IT XD

i'll have to agree UC3 is a little bit harder than 2s campaign which its why i like it a bit more than 2s campaign, i think its b/c in 3 you play as drake alone more than you do in 2 i like that.  i was also suprised that alot thought 3 was easier in the ps trophy sites, i wish ND didnt mess with the difficulty b/c i remember an article prior to release about them lowering it, i would also want more gun play like 1 or like they do in there coop adventure mode.  about uc1 idk i havent went back to replay it after 2 or 3 but i think it was harder b/c its the 1st game, we wernt used to it, cause i know UC2 MPs spoiled me with the shotgun and blind fire melee, i remember playing UC1 i would never blind fire with the shotgun always aimed, i thinks thats why uc3 and 2 where much easier than 1


about the graphics in the SP i thought some parts were really good and some were just average, i also noticed that the shadows had alot of jaggies, i also saw quite of few texture streaming issues (low res for a sec or two then the high res would pop in), some times in the cutscenes and in gampeplay right after the cut scene ends  


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best console graphics this gen is definitely:
1) Uncharted 3
2) Killzone 3
3) Uncharted 2
4) God of War 3
5) Killzone 2
6) Crysis 2
7) Gears of War 3
8) Battlefield 3
9) Rage
10) Uncharted 1

God of War III definitely still looks best. 


  • 1) God of War III
  • 2) Killzone 3
  • 3) Gears of War 3
  • 4) Uncharted 3
  • 5) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  • 6) Heavy Rain
  • 7) Killzone 2
  • 8) Crysis 2
  • 9) Uncharted 2
  • 10) Gears of War 2

1) Uncharted 3
2) Uncharted 2
3) Killzone 3
4) God of War 3
5) Crysis 2
6) Gears of War 3
7) Killzone 2