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:D, Its me again. Who did you expect?!

(WARNING: The console graphics king / throne talk is basically refering to the Graphics game of the year of 2011 so chill tha fk out <3)

Now now, there are people who said Drake had the throne all along but you gotta hand it to Kratos and the Helghast mtha fkers. They were DAMN close! Some might even prefer those games but I do believe on a technical standpoint when comparing the huge mtha fkin titans to the amazing scenary of killzone to the insane fking WHOLE SIMULATED OCEAN OF UNCHARTED.. did I mention the Rub al khali? THE RUB AL MTHA FKEN KHALI!! YEAAAH MAN YEAAH..


Im sorry I got a little sidetracked there.


Bottom line is:

In 2008, Solid Snake sat his ass down on the throne from winning most graphics GOTY.

"War has changed... nowadays, corporations are all aiming towards one mission, one goal;
The graphics throne."

^Snake you be smokin'!

In 2009, The Helghast took the throne.. Only to be overthrowned by Nathan Drake in the same year! Even the ISA couldn't accomplish that!

"Oh cruel world.. why.. WHY?!"

^Ill tell you why bruv'

"I would like to dedicate this win to all the dogs back at home who taught me that dreams are worth fighting for!..
Shout outs to my man Aldro!"

^Oh Drake, you funny!

In 2010, Kratos came with a bloody vengeance. No not Revengeance as in Rising, but with a Vengeance. It was looking grim for Nate and all things must come to an end.

"Why.. I am so cold... sooo cold. Next time I am going to someplace warm.."

^Yes you are Drake.. YES YOU ARE! But in all seriousness, give it up for the biggest SOB (son of a bitch) in the gaming industry... KRATOS... KRAAAYTOOOS.. WHERE IS THE MUSIC.. (No I won't embed it, ill spare you this time for reading this far!)


^Yes Kratos... yes.


And here we are!

In 2011, The Helghast re-debuted and what seemed to be a safe win.. was infact NOT true.



THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS H. CHRIST ..I mean NATHAN DRAKE turned the tides yet again.

"Here are some vacation photos of my journey back onto the throne. Enjoy my game gals."


Welcome home Nathan, you have been missed!


Total Graphics Game of the Year on consoles given (2011) [Will be updated!]:
Cheat Code Central

It's a tad early seeming as we barely have seen any GOTY awards but can you blame me for being excited?!


"It was.. one.. hell of a ride.."

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*Ctrl + F*

"Find: selnor"

"Phrase not found."

*leaves thread*

who cares?

Perhaps Kratos will have his revenge in 2012? Will Santa Monica give him back to us?


"Give it to me son.. give me THE GRAPHICS THRONE"



"MMMHM.... MHM......"



Lyrikalstylez said:
who cares?


*Slowly walks away from the screen*

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crysis 2 still the king

ZaneWane said:
crysis 2 still the king
Try to keep this about UC3 please

Not sure why consoles are still competing, as they have obviously reached their limit.

Etherouge said:
Not sure why consoles are still competing, as they have obviously reached their limit.

I take it you haven't reached Rough Seas in Uncharted 3.

Aldro said:
ZaneWane said:
crysis 2 still the king
Try to keep this about UC3 please

You made a thread about opinions, tagged another game in the thread, and you're complaining about someone bringing up something other than UC3?  Please.

If he thinks Crysis 2 looks better, let him show why.  If you think he's wrong, show him why.  It's an opinion in the end and that's about all there is to that.