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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTA V Trailer Countdown and Discussion Thread. Los Santos and countryside!!!

Wii U launch title, I'm calling it!

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Was that Ray Liota's Voice?

Adobo said:
Was that Ray Liota's Voice?

No, it wasn't. I still think he might be Tommy though.

brendude13 said:
Holy shit! I love GTA San Andreas!

...Finally, we get to return to Los Santos!

Would be great if we get planes too.

There are several planes in the trailer, so I'm guessing yes, we'll get them.

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TRAVIS!!! said:
Wii U launch title, I'm calling it!

How about ps4 or  NextBox better

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That trailer is awesome!

I'm really looking forward to know more.

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I'm glad that they are revisiting San Andreas, I always did love that place. I sorta wish they had visited Vice City before this though, if only for the pure nostalgia that is GTA: Vice City. Man, that music was great.

Lyrikalstylez said:
TRAVIS!!! said:
Wii U launch title, I'm calling it!

How about ps4 or  NextBox better

oh, haven't thought about that!

i wonder if they've learned anything from saints row.

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Rockstar just announced that GTAV will be PS3 exclusive!

here's the link:

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