Forums - Sony Discussion - Someone on my PSN list playing Uncharted 3 O___o

I'm going to a city near me today in the UK to try and track it down!
2 years ago i found it in this shop 3 days early.. its 3days before.. it could be mine by tonight

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Yeah someone on my friends list is playing it too...the wait is driving me crazy.

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UC 3 is available everywhere in France !

War has changed...

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Some retailers have no scruples.

I'm not really here!

Same in the netherlands, i usually get games earlier than the actual date stated in the store :P At worst i'll have it on release.

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Damn in the US they are really strict about release dates. People will get fired and businesses will get fined.

Is Skeezer stealth promoting MGO again? >_>


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Got it on Friday

Nothing to see here, move along

Well it was dispatched to me on Friday, so it should be here by tomorrow, which is the day before US release and two days before UK release.

But getting it that early is ridiculous.

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Here in Austria Uncharted3 is since Friday everywhere available and in Germany i know some people who bought the Game last Monday.