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Forums - General Discussion - Fly vs Mosquito vs Roach vs Spider, which one is the worst?


Which one is da worst?????

F$%king flys 13 11.40%
F$%king mosquitos 44 38.60%
F$%king cockroaches 23 20.18%
F$%king spiders 24 21.05%
F$%king room mates 10 8.77%


so which one is the ugliest, nastiest, scariest and most annoying insect?

for me it's mosquito, mosquito bite is one of the worst thing could happen to a man, it not only makes you miserable, but also spreads diseases.

I hate mosquitos.


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Since we don't get mosquitoes... F$%king spiders.

I can easily handle flies and spiders, but EWWW to the other things. >.

Against mosquitoes, fan >>>>>> all chemicals

But the flies.... they're everywhere. :Loads flamethrower:

hmm, I just realised that my raging hatred for mosquito pumped too much blood into my brain and I spelled everything wrong in the poll, fucking mosquitoes, they even make me look bad >_<


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Ahh should have had moths on the list there the devil in disguise truely evil! i said F$%king flys they seem to like existing round my face while i'm trying to do anything important kill em all!

Machina said:
Since we don't get mosquitos... F$%king spiders.


I live in the worst part of the UK when it comes to spiders, especially at this time of year, It's almost as bad as Australia.

Spiders are no big deal to me as they will leave you alone most of the time, plus the have the added benefit of eating the others mentioned. Flys are just annoying, and cockroaches arent a problem as long as you clean up regularly. But mosquitoes are vile insects that do nothing but harm.


Although another one that you left off that would give Mosquitoes a run for their money would be Ticks. OMG they suck, bith literally and figuratively

Machina said:
Since we don't get mosquitos... F$%king spiders.

You guys dont get Mosquitoes there in the UK?  You lucky sons of ............

I think I am going to move there

Mosquitoes of course.

We don't have cockroaches here.

Flies are annoying but they really don't do anything to you.

Spiders are the ugliest but again they don't do anything to you.

Mosquitoes jump on you and suck your blood and then it itches :(