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Completely subjective

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Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition

Milking to me means basically releasing the same game every so often with little to no difference in the previous version. ex.) Mario Party, WWE SvR, Guitar Hero, The Wii branded games and all of the other console spin off of it, and CoD.

Any games with regular releases that I don't like :P

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I consider too many sequels in a relatively short period of time as "milking".


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Splitting StarCraft II into 3 separate games seemed like milking to me, I was looking forward to it so much but never got it. I'm hoping it'll be packed together at some point even if that means I'll be past 40 by that point :P

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CGI-Quality said:
I consider too many sequels in a relatively short period of time as "milking"

i think this is milking = D


It's like COD, yearly releases provide so many sales, they're just getting every last bit of profit until it dies out.


To me milking is releasing as many games in a franchise as possible in a short period of time, for as many systems as possible, not trying at all to focus on quality.

Basically the stuff people love to throw around as being milked like COD, Assassins Creed, and Halo are not milked. They are highly successful, profitable, and get great critical acclaim. A better example is something like Guitar Hero which was releasing a new "game" every 3 months that was basically just a track pack and they were trying to sell it for full price.

milking in terms of games is not a real term to me and thats why theres so many different variations of the same meaning in this thread. but ill agree with d21 lewis the most.