Forums - Sony Discussion - Are 'Agent' and 'Versus Xlll' ever going to come out? If so, what year do you speculate?

AGENT & Final Fantasy Versus 13 wll both be released next year only on Playstation. The games are actually ready to be released, Sony told the devs not to release them yet because they have had sufficient exclusives these past few years. Sony didn't want AGENT/FFV13 to overshadow exclusives that were already coming out.

Sony will keep 2012 clear so that AGENT/FFv13 have a wide release window. They will both release next year along with Metal Gear Solid 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, & Kingdom Hearts 3 all being exclusive too. Sony is also working with Activision to make Call of Duty 9 exclusive to Playstation.

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AGENT = GTA5, coming next Year... Timed exclusive.

Versus XIII = Giant Troll. Needs killing.


It's XIII, not Xlll.

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I think Agent will actually come out early next year like RDR and LA Noir.

Versus XIII will probably come in 2013 or beyond. SE has to finish XIII-2 first.

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VivaLaWiida said:
Wasn't Agent cancelled?

No... that was a MMO/FPS game for PS3,PC called "THE Agency"

Cross-X said:
I still have no idea what the fuck Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura were thinking of making Versus XIII a no show at TGS... It's mind blowingly insane!!

I've been speculating since this year that Versus XIII will release in Japan during December 2012 and the rest of the world sometime in 2013 before June and I'll stick with that.

With regards to Agent... Well fuck we dont know jackshit about the game and with all these GTA V rumors flying about here and there lately and considering the fact that Rockstar North is said to be developing Agent, there's no way Rockstar North is working on two games at the same time. So either Agent has been passed onto a different Rockstar Dev Team and North is working on GTA V or Rockstar North is still developing Agent and not GTA V... Regardless, if GTA V releases next year, the earliest you can expect of Agent is 2013.


Agent - 2013 (360,PS)
FFV13 - 2013 (360,PS,Wii U)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Dragon Quest X are fakeware SE created to keep us under control. TIME TO REBEL






haxxiy said:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Dragon Age X are fakeware SE created to keep us under control. TIME TO REBEL

Dragon Age X huh? Is that the next Dragon Age from BioWare? lol :D