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Forums - Sony Discussion - Are 'Agent' and 'Versus Xlll' ever going to come out? If so, what year do you speculate?

Hey guys,

This generation has seen most major games become multi-platform. In addition, essentially all publishers that are not owned by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have taken their exisiting and new IP's multi-platform (Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, GTA, Mass Effect to name a few). Despite this, there are two titles which have recieved hype due to their exclusitivity and because of the publisher.

These two games are Agent and FInal Fantasy Versus Xlll. To start, Agent is being developed/published by Rockstar (Grand Theft Audo, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire if you have lived under a rock for the past 8 years). In 2007 it was revealed that Rockstar was working on an exclusive game but the only other information was released May of 2011 when Take-two stated that the game is still under development. Agent takes place during the Cold-War. The exclusivity of the game has even been put into question (

Final Fantasy Versus Xlll needs no introduction but for some they hope that it will be Square Enix's saving grace this generation after many failures (they have released several stellar games btw). Versus was unvieled in 2006 and is part of the Fabula Nova Cystallis series. Several trailers have been released and recently gameplay footage was revealed. However no release date has been set despite speculation every year since 2009 that the game would be released (

So my question is; are these games even going to be released this generation and, if so, which year? Other notable games are Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Last Guardian who have been in development forever without release dates (KH3 is speculative but it must be beginning as there will be footage when the Drop Distance 3DS game is released).

I expect Agent to be multi-platform, like LA Noire, and released 2014. Versus 13 I expect to be released the holiday of 2012 or March of 2013. KH3 I don't think until PS4 and Last Guardian holidays 2012.

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I still have no idea what the fuck Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura were thinking of making Versus XIII a no show at TGS... It's mind blowingly insane!!

I've been speculating since this year that Versus XIII will release in Japan during December 2012 and the rest of the world sometime in 2013 before June and I'll stick with that.

With regards to Agent... Well fuck we dont know jackshit about the game and with all these GTA V rumors flying about here and there lately and considering the fact that Rockstar North is said to be developing Agent, there's no way Rockstar North is working on two games at the same time. So either Agent has been passed onto a different Rockstar Dev Team and North is working on GTA V or Rockstar North is still developing Agent and not GTA V... Regardless, if GTA V releases next year, the earliest you can expect of Agent is 2013.

2012 fall release global FFXIII VERSUS

AGENT also 2012(could be GTA EN or AGENT in May 2012)


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Versus XIII will eventually come out on PS3 and 360. Agent is definitely not coming.

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I thought Agent was just a logo people could use to rub into MS fans faces... it's an actual game?


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Sony is going to work on keeping Agent exclusive (would be stupid to let another game build up hype on the exclusivity alone, just to have it be announced as multi-platform), but I would say Holiday 2012 (help hold off Wii U alongside Call of Duty and Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be released Holiday 2012 (if you didn't read what's above this). Unfortunately though it's going to be treated to sales similar to Final Fantasy IX and XII. After a year the game will be at 2-3 million and not be treated like the amazing, mind blowing game it should have been and will die an even quicker death once Square makes the announcement of it being multiplatform.

That's why Square isn't allowing this game out. It will be multiplatform and they have taken a beating this gen. Currently Wada is trying to develop a strategy to stealth release this game.

agent next year to go with the one per year from rockstar weve been seeing, i would of wanted 3 gtas though like we had last gen at this rate we might not even be getting 2 so i hope agent was just a cover for gta as there has been speculation of this which is further backed with agent having no screens or even art work released

FFV have no idea i would say next year for JP and 2013 WW


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Wasn't Agent cancelled?

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It's already a given that Versus XIII is going to come out for the PS3 eventually, and possibly, Xbox360 and WiiU too.