Sony is going to work on keeping Agent exclusive (would be stupid to let another game build up hype on the exclusivity alone, just to have it be announced as multi-platform), but I would say Holiday 2012 (help hold off Wii U alongside Call of Duty and Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be released Holiday 2012 (if you didn't read what's above this). Unfortunately though it's going to be treated to sales similar to Final Fantasy IX and XII. After a year the game will be at 2-3 million and not be treated like the amazing, mind blowing game it should have been and will die an even quicker death once Square makes the announcement of it being multiplatform.

That's why Square isn't allowing this game out. It will be multiplatform and they have taken a beating this gen. Currently Wada is trying to develop a strategy to stealth release this game.