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This thread is real simple,name a movie you were hyped for,but turned out to be a disapointment to you. It doesn't matter what it is. I thought the adjustment bureau was a big letdown. I thought it was going to be a big sci-fi action type movie,but it was mostly a sappy romatic drama. I also thought the source code was a letdown,it just felt so generic and predictable,although I did like the ending,but the overall movie was'nt as good as I though it was going to be. There's many more movies that let me down,but this is all that comes to mind at the moment. So,what are some movies that disapointed you?

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Hangover 2 = Hangover 1 in Bangkok

That was a letdown considering how funny the first one was and fresh and different only to see the second be an shameful holywood lazy cash grab by getting the orginal script and changing a few things like Mr Chao and the Tiger becoming one character, Dug is replaced with some unrelated character no one cares about and its placed in Bangkok. There wasn't any real memorable scenes like the Police Station from the first which was the best and such a classic scene.

very disappointing. Wish it was never made.

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Battle of Los Angeles - It was basically an advertisment for the military.

The Dilemma - Fail.

everthing compared to the original trilogy was a letdown..


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I's hard for me to be let down by a whole movie, but specific scenes bug me to hell.
The Star Wars Prequels :P - Obi Wan killing move on Darth Maul was not good enough (the scene I mean)
Obi Wan vs Anakin fight conclusion was utter BULLSHIT.

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Cars and The Social Network.

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The Hangover

Not nearly as funny or entertaining as people say. Hype totally killed it. I can name like 20 better movies in the same genre from the past 10 years.

Most recently: The Hills Have Eyes
watched it yesterday and despite an IMDB rating of 6.5, it's your typical horror movie. I liked Alone in the Dark much more (yeah I picked that one on purpose)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It wasn't a porno at all!

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For me it was 'Willow.' A 1988 film that I had been jumping out and down since I saw the first promotion, well over a year earlier. I remember my brother and I were excited because of George Lucas, creator of the 'Star Wars' involvement. We talked about how great it would be, changed the world, etc.

Made it a special event opening, but was very disappointed. Very disappointing, so much that I didn't get excited about movies for many years to follow. I finally saw it again with some friends a few years ago. It still was an unfulfilled experience.


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