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For those of you who saw it in 3D like I did not, what did you think?

Made my heart jump...err race? 0 0%
Brought joy to my life! 1 5.56%
I had loads of fun. 1 5.56%
Good 1 5.56%
I was down on the floor l... 0 0%
alright 1 5.56%
bad 0 0%
TErrible 5 27.78%
Did not see it 8 44.44%
Haven't seen a movie sin... 1 5.56%

When does 200 million dollars mean nothing in a movie? That is a question I am still trying to figure out as I came home to write this. I love everything Pixar does, but this movie I have to give a C (for effort). There was plenty of splash, jazz, jive, and anything else that 200 million dollars will get you! What there is not is where the problem comes into place. The movie starts off in Radiator Springs with everyones favorite idiot Mater! He is putting around town doing what he does until Lightning comes home from the busy racing season. This is certainly a movie that is all about Mater. Lightning Mcqueen and the rest of the old cast hardly get any screen time at all. Not to mention that Owen Wilson's voice has changed more than Tim Allen and Tom Hanks have in 20 years! Anyways, when Mcqueen gets back they all decide to take a challenge that spans the globe, and Mater gets to come along for the ride (or should I say Mcqueen comes along for the ride). Once overseas Mater predictably becomes caught up in an international crisis. Special agents think he is a secret agent himself, and that is how the rest of the film goes until almost the end. By the end of the movie when the Tow Truck becomes smart and figures everything out I had seen more action and explosions than there were in Transformers 2. I will admit that I did smirk two times in the movie! By the end to make a point I stood up in the aisle  along the wall and just looked at my feet in anguish. Plot was there, Special effects were there, I was there, other people were there, but it all still left me kind of angry that I sat through it. Since my kids liked it I give it a C grade, but one said that he liked the end when they were all friends, and the other grumbled something.  Worst movie of the Year for me (I am including back to July 2010) by far! I am shocked at that movie Pixar!


Did Cars 2 not come out for the PSP!

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Make sure you look at the games, because that and the merchandise is why Disney made this movie!

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Yea it was not to the level of Wall E, Up, Toy Story 3 but i quite enjoyed Cars 2 and Mater quite a bit. I don't know where the 200 million went, maybe in the crappy 3d but i saw the better 2d version. The statement about 3d is ofcourse not logical as i don't quite know how much it costs to add that to a movie. I just haven't liked the whole 3d thing except Avatar and maybe to some extend Tron. So yea getting back to Cars 2. It had more character than most of the real people movies these days. Saw Rango last night which is a much superior movie but my point being i am loving these animated movies which are so much smarter than Twilight's and Transformers of the present (ofcourse bad arguement from me by putting names of two crappy franchises). Have a nice day Ryan. Maybe it'll grow on you. :)

Hands Down the worst and biggest Pixar dissappointment EVER.
Cars 1 was ok, and was expecting the bad stuff from the first to leave, but NOOO, this movie just sucked.

Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up and Toy Story 3 were the winning streak, they ruined it with this movie, shitty, horrible, terrible movie.

Larry the Cable guy and Mater were not funny, and there was not a cute feeling like every other Pixar movie that was not Cars

There was no laughter in the movie, my kids were not leaning forward in their seats like they would in a good movie. Heck they even leaned forward in Soul Surfer with American Idol in it. Like I said I loved Cars. Did not love this. Mater did all he could, and I guess he was the best part of the movie.

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Cars 1 was good

This was horrible.

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I agree

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I haven't seen this movie yet (and don't know if I'll bother), but I'm not at all surprised at the lukewarm reception it's getting. Cars was IMHO Pixar's weakest effort (up to this point appearently). Not funny, not witty, no charm, unoriginal (it basically copied the plot of an older live action film), simply mediocre! What were Pixar thinking when they decided to make a sequel to Cars, I do not know. Up 'till now they never made a movie that was so poorly recieved as Cars 2, so you can consider it their first flop.

Plus, with the news I'm hearing about them planning to make Toy Story 4 (why oh why??? 3 ended the series perfectly!!!).I wouldn't be surprised if I heard tomorrow that they're planning Up 2 (Up is by far the Pixar movie for which a seuquel makes absolutely no sense).

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Cars 2 was irrefutably disappointing. It lacked charm, comedy, and the worst part is that they freaking shoved the theme of the movie at the very end, as if it were a last minuted attempt to say "Oh yeah, morals. Erm, yeah. They're still here, lemme just tell it right to your face because I couldn't find a better way to incorporate them into the movie."


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Especially since by now the old guy in Up would probably be dead. Maybe a Wall-e 2, ratatouiieeaulle, bugs life, incredibles could all get sequels!

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