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Custom Robo - the arena type fighting from the Gamecube game did not seem refined enough to be great gameplay. If they turned it into a bootlegg TPS like Gears-of-War Lite I would literally piss my toilet.

Fire Emblem - the series is niche because as an SRPG it is very time consuming. there were like 28 chapters in Path of Radiance, but it took me 45 hours to beat the whole thing. One brief change of pace into something like Arkham Asylum combat but with Swords/Lances/Arrows etc would be bananas.

It is not right to completely change genres like that, but the universe behind both of those games would lend themselves so well to these changes.

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Invizimals. Sony needs to market the hell out of this game.

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1: If Dust 541 can succeed in combining the appeal of an online shooter with that of an MMORPG, I guess it has the potential. I don't think it will, but it is a possibility at least.

2: Little Big Planet. I think it has that kind of potential and focusing on the local multiplayer aspect of it will probably help it go there.

3: Just make an improved Eyepet for the Vita.

Killzone, Resistance, or LittleBigPlanet

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I would go with Starhawk if its marketed well. Generally sony doesnt do a heck of a lot of marketing for its games so it would really need to start supporting this.

the LBP franchise...i think its maybe the best game you can play with your friends,family,kids got millions of levels and options and the Sackboys are cute...a shame that this dont sell 10 mill per game...

I think the new Kirby platformer for Wii has the potential to be. It seems like the type of game a lot of people can get into, and looks like a lot of fun.

Also, Dark Soul could be, if it wasn't so difficult, as that will probably limit its audience somewhat. But I think there is a huge market out there for dungeon crawlers/hack and slash with no bs like cutscenes and just fighting.


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I think since Tomb Raider was shown at E3 2011 many people love the new Lara (including me). The series seems to be going in an unexpected but very profitable solution. I'm treating this a new franchise because the game is a reboot. The last few titles: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld have sold poorly compared to the early titles so here is hoping to a rebirth.