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The pricing is phenomenal. I'm buying (if battery time is decent).

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It's apparently $338 in Australia the WiFi model and I'm going to be in the States pretty much so...

No shit I'll buy the $249 Wi Fi model in the US. Dont care if it's region locked either (is that possible with Custom Memory Cards Sony are using for Vita?)

wfz said:
Huh weird, I expected to come in here and hear everyone complaining about the lame appearance the Vita made. My friend and I just both watched the conference and not a single game nor feature interested us. We were both actually sad to see how hollow Uncharted looked. You can't outsource a Naughty Dog game like that...

Also, why does it feel like the Vita and the PS3 are getting a lot of the same games? I want my portable system to be unique... Because if it means getting the same game, I'd rather play it in greater glory/detail/resolution/comfort on the home console.

That's my friend's and my take on the Vita. Why are you guys excited? I want to hear where your point of view is coming from.

I really agree. One reason i didn't invest in the PSP and why i'm kinda disappointed in the 3DS till now. the Vita's launch titles were meh to me, if i want UC i'll get it on my PS3! I hope Nintendo announce a good lineup for the 3DS with good multiplayer and wifi experience


Wow, great price!

I will only buy one handheld this gen and the Vita has really impressed me today, looking forward to seeing what software it will launch with!

Also, all the posts attempting to downplay Vita are just plain sad and a reflection of those posting them. Can`t we just enjoy the fact that a new handheld is going to be released at an awesome price?!

Very competitively priced--but those celebrating Sony's inevitable victory over 3DS would do well to remember Nintendo aren't going to roll over without a fight. I'm betting there'll be a global 3DS price cut a month or so before Vita hits the markets, maybe in October. Add to that a Nintendogs + Cats bundle, I think.

And of course we won't know exactly what titles Nintendo will bring out for 3DS in Q3/4, but we will know that after Nintendo's conference. My biggest worry for both 3DS and PS Vita right now is that they're becoming too similar to home console experiences, and there isn't enough truly portable software on either system. There's no sign of anything revolutionary like Brain Training or Nintendogs hitting either system, and there's no clear sign Sony or Nintendo know how to respond to the App Store as a platform. There's a danger we've got two impressive machines fighting over a decreasing market space, and that isn't good for Sony or Nintendo. The reason the DS/PSP generation managed to explode portable games was because they provided new experiences for new customers. It's early days yet, of course, but both Sony and Nintendo need to act with more urgency.

As it is, I'm fairly happy with my 3DS, but will consider selling it if there isn't a good long term line up at Nintendo's conference. Vita is impressive but it doesn't have me convinced yet--I'd rather buy software for my Wii, 360 and will hopefully have several big games buy for my 3DS this winter. It's the same case with Kinect--why should I drop more money on new hardware when there's plenty of software coming out on systems I already own?

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well, this thread quickly devolved into people slinging mud at 3DS supporters. Gaming culture, everyone!

Aiddon said:
meh, still not interested. I did find it funny how the audience was literally groaning the second Sony announced AT&T as the 3G provider. Plus the software just looks plain boring.

AT&T does suck ass.  I wonder how much they pay to keep getting the exclusives.

Looks like i'll go playstation again handheld wise... once it gets some games i actually want.

As for a greater trend though....

I wouldn't be counting a PS3 victory just yet...


Afterall Nintendo handhelds had won with less advantages.

Like the Gameboys continued dominance over the many colored, better graphiced, better controlled handhelds.


Games are what win generations and the handheld consumer has been shown to be a lot different then the console consumer.

We'll have to see if they can make good "hand held" games since the PSP showed people don't want console ports.

Sony learned fast from its previous mistakes.
I'm still persuaded that Ninty will win anyway the portable gen just started, as it owns Mario, but this time Sony could end up grabbing 40% of market or even more.

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who else finds it ironic that this time last year a vocal minority was going on about how 'the PSP2 will be stillborn/dead on arrival', but now another vocal minority is implying the 3DS in d0med?

MrT-Tar said:
who else finds it ironic that this time last year a vocal minority was going on about how 'the PSP2 will be stillborn/dead on arrival', but now another vocal minority is implying the 3DS in d0med?

Like I said, gaming culture. It sucks ass