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chapset said:


metal gear solid 4 the story was to weak compared to snake eater

Civ V: no tech trading, no spies, almost no diplomacy all it's left to do between turns is to press next

empire total war: A fucking bug, fest all the nations have the same units

mass effect 2 I miss exploring with the mako:( and the game was boring to me

empire total war again with no function to play as every nation: most were the same. Why couldn't play as the barbary State. And why wasn't there the ability to create your own nation. They are all the same anyways. Also the Nations all sucked. And there wasn't anything interesting to do between them like for example why cant i invade an nation and burn it to the ground and commit genocide for them attacking and destroying my towns. And what happened to the cathloics v Protasons, they you in the beginning that you should be friends with them but they end up hating you anyways for expanding and you end up waring with everyone which despite giving gifts and destorying there enemies never declare peace or become allies. 

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KZ2 for sure.

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1. Final Fantasy XIII ( considering how great XII was you'd think they wouldn't try and downgrade their whole series in everyway....)

2. Soul Caliber IV ( The story mode lasts like 5 battles, the customization is terrible and there isn't really a whole lot of gameplay modes.)

3. Dragon Age : Origins  ( Gameplay is kind of boring, and the game is over by the time you actually get tactical with it, the graphics are hideous and the story is extremley overrated.)

Blacksaber said:
oniyide said:

@boutros  you hated Super paper Mario?? I thought that was supposed to be good, really i was going to get that cause i had never played one in the series. is it a platformer or RPG???


Super is the "Red Headed Child" of the Paper Marios. It uses a mix of platforming and rpg style which is fun, but just isn't what people fell in love with. I recomend playing it since its a decent/good game but not what we wanted.

Yeah this.

It wasn't a bad game.

It simply wasn't anything I had hoped thus explaining the disappointment.

oniyide said:

@blacksaber  what did people fall in love with?? i really want to know cause i have never played any of them, i just started playing Mario & Luigi and it is my first time and it is great, so i figured i give the paper series a shot. should i get the original off VC or hunt down the GC version????

You should definitely buy the first Paper Mario on the VC and then buy the GC sequel.

They are still worth playing that is if you like RPGs.

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Two Worlds - So much pre-hype, such a significant disappointment

Grand Theft Auto IV - Much like Two Worlds, it had so much pre-hype. I wouldn't call it as much of a disappointment as I'd call it a letdown.

Haze - I was truly excited for this one (the 2006 footage looked so promising). However, by May 2008, Haze had racked up enough negatives to truly hurt the experience. The shooting wasn't too bad and the story was OK, but the visuals for a game as hyped in the graphics department as Haze were just unacceptable.

Fight Night Round 4 - Coming off the heels of the brilliance that was Fight Night Round 3, Round 4's gameplay failed to impress. 2nd biggest letdown all gen.

Gears of War 2 - With a predecessor as great as Gears of War, Gears 2 just didn't have the same magic. It was visually better, but the gameplay was slowed and stiffened enough from the original (particularly in the multiplayer) to make this my biggest letdown of the gen. Gears 1 remains the most played game in my collection and one of the greatest games to ever be developed.


sims 3 console version, i was so pissed when i found out i couldnt controll my character with the joystick like sims 2 console versions

@boutross  i guess ill be buying a WiiWare card for the first time in over a year

Well I don't have games I was expecting to be good turn out to be bad rather games I heard a lot of hype about and decided to try only to be disappointed. 

Killzone 2 - Simply not that good, many many FPS games have come out this gen and it wouldn't be in the top half of those, it didn't have great controls, I played it when it still had the input lag, the story wasn't good, and I hated the art style, so even the shiny graphics were lost on me. I guess I wouldn't be half as irritated about this game if it wasn't for the fact it was brought up so much from every source.

Dead Space Extraction - I saw videos before it came out, knew it wasn't going to be the best lightgun game simply because it wasn't designed with being a lightgun game in mind... I didn't know how true it really was, long sections of being bored, few enemies, retarded puzzles, and there were glitches on top of this.  EA and visceral games can keep it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - I love the first game to death, after finally playing it this gen I went on a collection spree getting all the games, MGS4 just let me down, MGS was a cool spy story... MGS4 was a long drawn out message talking about how bad war/arms races are but does this message in absurd ways... and I was bored when they were talking their nonsense. 

Kirby Epic Yarn - Got a lot of good press, just not my thing, thought of getting it for collection purposes but I'll pass for now lol

FFXIII - Just a bad RPG, simple, decent leveling system, spanked the pants off FFX in that sense, but the battle system was awful and the story has a lot of bad characters with only one being truly relatable Sazh and then you have Snow which was likable because he was the Naruto type hero, but beyond that, bad characters and some awkward lines, and for all that time and money put into it, it didn't look that amazing.

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Now funny thing about this is it turned out to be quite fun.... Nonetheless, we were promised a Banjo Kazooie return on the 360 and we all were thinking it would be a bomb ass platformer like it used to be.


Yeah Metal Gear Solid 1 or for playstation still ranks as my favorite game of all time.... and 2 and 3 are on my top ten games of all time... However Metal gear solid 4 had such A REDICULOUS AMOUNT of cutscene time..... HOURS AND HOURS OF THIS TECHNICAL MUMBJO JUMBO.. I couldn't follow it at all and ultimately couldn't even finish the game...

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