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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor/Report:New Kirby Wii, Pandora's Tower, 3DS/TLS pre-orders, more

yay for new kirby, and i'm deffinately intrigued by Pandora's tower

i like the new teser site, reminds e when nintnedo released the teaser sites for Other M, Xenoblade and The Last Story last year all at once.

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Just as an aside, the new information coming from Nintendo has Xenoblade (as Monado) still scheduled for a US release.

I wouldn't be surprised is Pandora's Tower is another JRPG. Either way, Nintendo has been releasing a lot of them. They definatly want all the RPGs.

Yay more Kirby.  Loved Epic Yarn so I'll take some more.  And like most everyone else, intrigued by Pandora's Tower but need more info obviously.  Girl in it though has some pretty epic hair though.  Ah why I love that Japanese artistic design... so much epic hair.  Random... maybe.

Summary from Andriasang:


3DS may be a few weeks from release, but Nintendo isn't putting all its focus on the new portable. At an investors briefing today, Nintendo announced new titles for the Wii console.

First up is Pandora no Tou: Kimi no Moto e Kaeru Made, roughly "Tower of Pandora: Until I Return To Your Side." This new title is nearing completion, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed during the briefing, and will be released in the first half of this year. He didn't reveal any information on the game, but said to expect details to be released gradually shortly.

Iwata had more to show for two previously announced Wii titles: Rhythm Heaven and Kirby. You can see video clips of the two here.

Rhythm Heaven is the latest entry in the critically acclaimed portable rhythm gaming series. The game will be playable solo and with other players. This will be released some time this year.

For Kirby, Iwata apologized for the long waits. HAL has been working away the game, which based off the video looks like a side scroller. This will also be released this year.

Nintendo will also be localizing two overseas third party titles for the Japanese market: Just Dance 2 and 007 Goldeneye.

Zelda Skyward Sword is still on the way, of course. The game is in the final phases of development, said Iwata. It will be released this year, but he said to expect 3DS's Ocarina of Time release to come first.

For the DS, Iwata didn't announce any new titles. However, he did give a April release time frame for Pokemon Typing DS, a typing tutorial. This will ship with a bluetooth keyboard. The game can communicate with the keyboard because the cartridge has a built-in bluetooth reader.

Pokemon Typing DS isn't the only Pokemon on the way. Iwata said that Nintendo is currently progressing with a variety of Pokemon developments for Wii and Nintendo 3DS. He did not go into specifics.

So finally HAL Labs is getting off their lazy asses and making something :P

It's going to be sweet as hell, but this year is already starting to look busy (and me being gone for 4 months isn't helping at all. Though i'll probably be in Japan when Pandora's Tower is released)

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The footage of the Kirby game was pretty nice.  Of course I've never actually played a Kirby game, but I did try Epic Yarn at a GameStop once and it really didn't appeal to me.

makingmusic476 said:

Kirby!  Yes!  I hope he's back to his old power copying ways.

And Pandora's Tower sounds interesting.

Should make you happy...

edit: Rumor has it that it was a cancelled game that they brought back (probably due to the fact that side scrolling platformers and kirby's epic yarn have been great successes).

Finally Goldeneye and JD in japan. That should spice things up a bit hopefully

New kirby and i suspect this is directed all to japan to influence the lackluster releases. All of a sudden the void seems to be filled up a bit. Hopefully we get more interesting games, and i would think Pimkin and star fox are just around the corner as well

Edit: I forgot to mention the pokemon game developed for the wii :) And what's this Pandora box game?

Epic day for Nintendo fans, I'm still looking for Xenoblade and The Last Story, and now even for this new JRPG!

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Iwata's presentation is now available in english. Stream, text.