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Meh. For the longest time i was just playing my DS plugged in constantly, so it'll make little difference

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I think the practical solution is to just buy an aftermarket battery with a higher mAh rating. There will be plenty available the day the 3DS ships, if not before.

Use it as a primary battery and keep the OEM battery as a back up. Problem solved.

This issue could of been easily solved with removable battery packs. I think that is what the future of handhelds will be if they keep increasing the power in them. 



Doesn't it seem the obvious solution is to make the backlight LED?  They can be brighter and use less power.

Thus, improved battery life, happier custumers and it wouldn't have (or as much) Mercury to it would be 'greener.'

Seems like a win/win,



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I played the DS on one of the 2 lowest settings all the time, so I guess I'd get the upper range of 3DS battery life. Not too worried about that. The 3DS' high price is a bigger issue. 

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Even though it's a bit dissapointing it's not too big a deal for me - I'll just charge it every night instead of every few days

Battery life IS a big deal.

Fortunately, if I can get 8 hours with 3D turned off, then there is no problem, 3D watched too long will be unhealthy anyway, so switching between 3D and long battery life to suit the situation is a nice balance.

What was the DS game play time for 3DS BTW?


I was hoping for higher battery life in at least one of the two portables, but obviously that's not happening. So ~4 hours with everything on will have to do.

I suppose the saving grace is that I don't actually take 4 (or more) hour journeys that often.... Probably only a couple of times a year, if that.


Roma said:

i am fine with how it is. if you want high tech in a device then you have to accept that battery will not last that long.

Agreed my old phone was not so smart but with one charge it could keep on for 4 days, my new android phone has 9 hours with no Wi-fi or 3G turned on, so i just keep the bright on the lowest -its sucks but it IS LIFE-


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Mr.Metralha said:

Thats why I'll wait for a redesign. None of the launch window games are must buys for me, so...

I'll wait too. History has shown that if you have a choice between loads of features on your handheld, and loads of battery life, you always choose the latter.

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