What happened to Mindjack. It got less that 3k sales in EMEAA 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

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360 is always overtracked why is everyone so surprised now.

Down to 3.9 million gap! Wow, din't even see that.  Could PS3 get it down to like 2 million by the end of the year?

anyone know Microsoft report time?

AussieGecko said:
ethomaz said:

That's what I talking about.


"The wild ride to close out 2010 capped the “biggest year ever” for Xbox, said David Dennis, group public relations manager for Xbox. Over the holiday season, console sales for the Xbox 360 hit 50 million."

Looks like shipments figures from Dec 31th.

No you made an assumption then over 50 million meant between 50-50.9 we still dont know this, thus you should wait till the latest shipment figures till we find out figures. It says it HIT 50 million, it also hit 1 million once upon a time doesnt mean it is still on 1 million. 

I agree... I mad an assumption with the number... but it is easier to take between 50-50.9 than 52m... that's the first number VGC shows for us when Microsoft said 50m.

My bet? Microsft shipped 6.4m last quarter... 50.9m lifetime.

And the big adjustments coming because the quarter reporter from Nintendo: http://gamrfeed.vgchartz.com/story/83739/nintendo-reports-earnings-wiids-hw-lowered-wiids-sw-raised/, Nintendo shipped just 8.45m Wiis... so low to Wii.

And Sony will surprise everyone here shipping over 7m in last quarter.

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gap will be gone by end of 2011

kowenicki said:

LBP2... ok... slightly up on LBP.

Mass Effect 2... poor.

DCUniverse... awful

GT5.. excellent.

Kinect Adventures... excellent.


yep this pretty much describes the week though id say lbp2 was good depending if its legs can match the first

Yeah i know my spelling sucks but im dysgraphic so live with it :3    


Conegamer - I say that the PS3 will beat the DS next week in Japan  (for hardware sales) Forfeit is control over others avatar for 1 week.

These sales make me happy.






ye they have been doing mu head in with the whole foxtel add's in the movies... lol

Microsoft data will be released today too... someone know the time?

So sad Sony report coming Feb 3rd... I will be in a vacation trip that week.