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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 drops out of UK Top10 - after 3 weeks

ranzchic said:
Quartz said:
PS3 games are in a slow/steady (as expected) decline. Resistance being the slowest to dropHere The PS3 just needs some good games to be hitting the high spot, and they are not expected for a short while.
What are those numbers?


 Sorry, I don't know. I don't have an account with that site.

Good to see this site is still going 

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I have been holding out for more info on the Euro market before making any comments on the PS3's sales their. That said, its beginning to look like the PS3 is following a similar pattern in Europe as it did in Japan and the US. I'm hesitant to write the PS3 off in Europe because its Sony's strongest market but, things are starting to look a bit on the dim side for Sony. There is only three weeks of data for the Euro market so its still too soon to call it a trend.

If steady sales would be below 12k a week I think we can start discussion about Sony's failure. Right now as Darc Requim pointed  it means nothing. 60k a month for UK alone is a solid number.

In england I was expecting it to drop off, but what about places like Germany and Spain?

I heard that the other consoles don't do that well over their.


My first post on the site. 

First, I love this site. 

Second, I'm a Nintendo fan right now and have previously owned: NES, SNES, PS, GC, DS, Wii.

I don't think it is to early to call it a trend. Sure, it's still early in Europe but the PS3 is following the same trend that happened in the US and in Japan. It's going to be dismal for the PS3 until the exclusives come and that is still up for debate.

Just for the record also, I saw a Wii available at an EB Games this past week. It was the first one I have seen at retail since December! The guy behind the counter said it just arrived and would not last 30 minutes.

Keep up the good debates guys and gals.

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still too early to tell but the trend SEEMS to be happening in atleast britain


167 k release "week" (3 days)

 33k first full week 

17k 2nd full week

 IF- big if here- NEXT week's sales are ~10k...


What's the population of the UK compared to the population of Japan again?

(hang on, I'll Google them...)

Japan - 130m

UK - 60m

In Japan, the PS3 is selling 17k / week - and this is terrible. So the matching level for the UK is about half - 9-10k / week. Should hit those levels in a couple of weeks, and probably stay there for a while (until big releases).

Wasn't it also said that UK was one of the strongest markets for Sony? (or was that for MS?) Compared to other countries in Europe?


Anyway - none of this is surprising as well. Im most curious as to what Sony is going to do, to defuse the MEDIA - if these figures continue, and make headlines. Price drop? Bundles? Surprise announcement of games? Or nothing?


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If this keeps happening it will only get worse for Sony. They CAN NOT lose Europe and expect to gain good momentum!




Andrew said:

In england I was expecting it to drop off, but what about places like Germany and Spain?

I heard that the other consoles don't do that well over their.


In Germany it´s really sitting on shelves - we´re pretty conservative if i´t´s about price and the PS3 is expensive. I bought NSMB yesterday and was to Saturn:

Lots of PS3 (mountains of it) were lying around with price shields for 589 Euro (that´s Saturn they always sell consoles cheaper) and while I whatch someone play Resistance on their giant Flatscreens an old couple came into the shop and asked for a Wii.

Funny conversation between the old couple and one of the Saturn helpers:

She: "We´d like to buy this white thing with the white remotes."

Helper: "You mean the Wii...?"

She: "Yes. He´s really impressed by the bowling game" (looks at him as if he was a child)

He: "Well...YOU wanted to buy it."

Helper: "aaaaahhhm I´m sorry but we´re completetly sold out. You´re about 1 hour too late."

She: "Oh no I just phoned you this morning and asked for it."

He: "Did you see? SHE want´s to buy it." (he laughs at me... and I turned around cuz I he noticed me...welll I´m a fool)

She: "That´s not true!"

Helper: "Yes but we´re SOLD OUT!"

She: "May I give you my phone number and you call me back if you got new units? (In german she said: "Dingerchen" which can´t be translated :p)

Helper: "Well there are still 5 people waiting for our call..."

She: "Yes but I really want this thing..."

He: "Did you see? SHE wants to buy it!"


I went away and bought my NSMB. then I saw a woman about 20 who bought a DS (an old one...) with Brain Training and English Training - she looked if she was pretty ashamed cause she bought those games...

 Then I went home...

Alacrist said:
If this keeps happening it will only get worse for Sony. They CAN NOT lose Europe and expect to gain good momentum!

You're right, it can't keep happening.  Something will have to be done.  Actually, it's very similar in sales in Japan at the moment to the original PSOne which ended up selling 1.5m in the first 12 months, building to 3.9m after 2 years, 8.8m after 3 years and 13m after 4 years.

Would this be enough for Sony???

I doubt it. 

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