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Andrew said:

In england I was expecting it to drop off, but what about places like Germany and Spain?

I heard that the other consoles don't do that well over their.


In Germany it´s really sitting on shelves - we´re pretty conservative if i´t´s about price and the PS3 is expensive. I bought NSMB yesterday and was to Saturn:

Lots of PS3 (mountains of it) were lying around with price shields for 589 Euro (that´s Saturn they always sell consoles cheaper) and while I whatch someone play Resistance on their giant Flatscreens an old couple came into the shop and asked for a Wii.

Funny conversation between the old couple and one of the Saturn helpers:

She: "We´d like to buy this white thing with the white remotes."

Helper: "You mean the Wii...?"

She: "Yes. He´s really impressed by the bowling game" (looks at him as if he was a child)

He: "Well...YOU wanted to buy it."

Helper: "aaaaahhhm I´m sorry but we´re completetly sold out. You´re about 1 hour too late."

She: "Oh no I just phoned you this morning and asked for it."

He: "Did you see? SHE want´s to buy it." (he laughs at me... and I turned around cuz I he noticed me...welll I´m a fool)

She: "That´s not true!"

Helper: "Yes but we´re SOLD OUT!"

She: "May I give you my phone number and you call me back if you got new units? (In german she said: "Dingerchen" which can´t be translated :p)

Helper: "Well there are still 5 people waiting for our call..."

She: "Yes but I really want this thing..."

He: "Did you see? SHE wants to buy it!"


I went away and bought my NSMB. then I saw a woman about 20 who bought a DS (an old one...) with Brain Training and English Training - she looked if she was pretty ashamed cause she bought those games...

 Then I went home...