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famousringo said:

Yeah, I know that's not what you meant. I just can't help but wonder... Would Scribblenauts have ever been made if it was launched in the age of the 3DS?

Probably, but as a DD release.

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So if I were to get a 3DS, should I expect to pay around £35 a game rather that £30 which is what most DS are retailing at in the UK?

The DS is slight step up from 3 generations ago it power.


The 3DS is looking like it is early current generation or late PS2/GC/Xbox level... and it has 3D. This should surprise no one but I doubt that many of its titles will initially fully use its power.

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KillerMan said:

Expect that it's impossible currently to match X360 in portable form. Too much heat and power usage. Also I severely doubt that Sony wants to make ''$599'' mistake again. Those rumors should be taken with grain of salt.

Honestly, I suspect that when people say that the performance of a handheld matches that of a console they mean so in a very loose fashion ... After all, people claimed that the PSP was a "portable PS2" but it was (in reality) a system which was approaching the processing power of the Dreamcast; and didn't really match the PS2.

With the PSP2 it is possible (and likely) that the performance will be somewhere between the PS2 and PS3, and the small screen size and limited resolution will lead people to make claims that it is a "Portable PS3" without it (really) comming close to the real world performance of the PS3.

Yeah I think the PSP's clockspeed is slightly above the PS2 (333 MHZ whereas PS2 was around the 290 mark). But that's just clock speed. There are other factors that go into performance. That all said, the PSP is a pretty impressive piece of 5 and a half year old portable hardware. The FMVs in Crisis Core look very good. And while I didn't exactly compare Persona 3 Portable side by side with the PS2 version (only saw some of that version on youtube. Didn't play it when it came out on PS2), it seems like they did a very good job with that port. Due to the size limitations of UMD, they had to cut out some cutscenes and voicing apparently. But seeing as how the PSP version has the fast travel feature and allows you to directly command your party members, I stuck with the PSP version for my first time instead of opting to go back and playing FES on PS2 (can always youtube the extra cutscenes later).

I would guess some of the top DS games are in the millions; Dragon Quest 9 comes to mind.

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LordTheNightKnight said:
hallowedbeeddie said:

I think it is pretty obvious it will be more expensive, I just hope it doesnt turn devs off.

Um, developers have gotten it into their heads that spending more money is better, not worse.

I know, but some small devs that have made ds games might not be too happy. ds was great for small devs because of low costs

Well there is nothing that says they have to up the costs of their games to match a typical 3DS game. Some got smart and still kept the costs low, even on downloadable games on the HD systems.

Seriously theres no problem. Small developers liked the DS lite and phat because it enabled to develop 32 meg games for ds at minimal costs.

Now that DSI and 3dsi have generous dsiware capabilities(see shantae for reference)

you can keep developing costs for manufactoring and shipping low(null), and still develop on the grounds you feel your budget applies. 3dsi will probably have an even bigger space for dsiware. like small developers like the wii and live for their games, 3ds will have room for them.

On the HD topic.The average HD game costs 10 million, according to the industry.THis has been repeated in dozens of news of vgchartz and vg feed.So dont even bother asking me where did i get the number, its well damm known from dozens of sources.Uncharted 2 was 20 million, GTA5 ...50 million(which we can asume was 15 times more than the DS version).

The average wii game is sightly cheaper, except for some 1st party games, still clocking at 10 million in some cases.

However, wii games are still much cheaper than HD games and 3ds games will still be much cheaper than wii games if we go with the provided numbers. So the price jump will be small and i think understandable for retail games.I loved RE on DS but i would gladly pay 10 dollars more for a 3d HD visual(nearly) experience.

Makes perfect sense, the leap in 3DS graphics is as big if not bigger... everything is proportional, though I hope it'll not go up much more... portable games are pretty much the only cheap games left...