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Forums - Sales Discussion - If Kinect becomes a success, how will PS3 & Wii be affected?

If it is really succesful, it will eat a lot of marketshare from Wii. Maybe even make Wii irrelevant.That would be so amusing to see. :D

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Whats your definition of success? 30 m sold to 360 owners, or 1m new 360 owners?

If Kinect turns out to be a huge success, Wii sales will decrease to less than 100k/week as casual gamers will want to have the newest thing. Eventually Kinect&Move combined will erase Wii from this world and we will be thankful to Sony&Microsoft for that.

Well, one thing I noticed is that Move bundle sales have plummeted since Kinect has been available at Amazon. The Move started bundle used to be in the 15 - 20 range at Amazon, holding steady in that area. Since Kinect has come out it has dropped to 45th and remained there.

The Move bundled PS3 SKUs have also dropped on Amazon's best selling list.

I think Kinect is definitely having a negative effect on Move sales.

casual market for wii will probably be hit (not sure how much though), but there are many people like me that bought the wii for Nintendo´s games and not just the motion controls (like the people that bought nsmbwii)

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It wont be affected at all. Seriously do soccer moms and child families buy PS3? They might, but the odds are they will buy a Wii. I think the Wii is more threatened by Kinect than PS3 if it is successful.

i dont think much would change. i think the 360's sales would go up but the ps3 and wii should keep around the same. remember microsoft are targating a completly new user base.

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Conegamer - I say that the PS3 will beat the DS next week in Japan  (for hardware sales) Forfeit is control over others avatar for 1 week.

One name to rule them all MARIO.

GianCarmen said:

One name to rule them all MARIO.

I don't like the Lord of the Rings comment too much....

Mario isn't taught in High School classrooms or University Lecture Halls as being one of the greatest masterpieces of this century.

You know what I wonder?  I wonder how many gamers go to College or a University and graduate.  That would be a interesting statistic.  VGChartz, AWAY!!

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People have to understand that the success of the Wii has not been all on motion, its the types of games that appeal to people, the wii sports and the marios. How they are implemented into the games.