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Interesting comparison although it seems that the ps3 has only recently turned the corner in Japan and I see their sales there increasing and them giving the wii much stiffer competition next year.



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If anything, I think the Wii will become more dominant next year. This year was sort of the "trial period" for the console - and in general, it has passed with flying colours.

We'll see though - to date (IMO), all of the PS3 "big hits" have failed to capture the market (Gundam, Dynasty Warriors, HotShotGolf) - WKS, MGS, etc.

I don't think FF will come into the equation until 2009.

For the PS3 to truly succeed, it needs to demonstrates true "next-gen" titles that just aren't possible at the moment. The Wii has been the only console (this year) that has been introducing "true" new gaming experiences. The PS3 needs to move away from prettier versions of old games, into new gameplay experiences.

(I'm guessing GTA4 is going to be a great example of a real next-gen title...)

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^^exactly. Although PS3 has some very huge software next yr, the thing with wii is that it seems that any software can sell huge. Its not only abt the million selllers, the games that sold over 300k is just phenomenol and there's much much more to come. Still i think PS3 will sell above 360 next yr, especially if it can establish itself in EU


Kasz216 said:
hunter_alien said:
Wow , the PS3 actually has a grea attach rate IMO ... also , dont be surprised that the PSP has a lower attach rate , every handheld untill the DS had lower attach rate than the console , in the same timeframe/units ...

Les then two games a system is a good attach ratio?

You can really tell your system of choice is the PSP!


 Wow , you can be proud of yourself . Let me guess your the one who was still hoping for the GC to become #1 in 05   Anyways , seeing how craptastical games where actually released for the PS3 in Japan , yes its a great start IMO , and I bet that the attach rate will at least double untill the middle of next year ...

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The important word in this analysis is "in Japan".

According to your own graphs, WW sales of PS2 & PS3 are pretty close, while the Wii trounces both.

@ played_out
The PS2 numbers shown in the charts at launch is only in japan for there are no real numbers in NA and EU