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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Square confirms Final Fantasy XIII 360 for Japan, features cut content!

Soriku said:

FF XIII: Namco Bandai Management Edition

Hahaha god damn did i laugh hard.


its been confirmed today that GT5 has a weather system, track editor and go karts! seriously i think this is going to be the best selling in the series even beating GT3 sales of 14 million plus!

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yo_john117 said:

I still don't really get the point to will sell a max of 2-300k copies in Japan......most probable sales will probably be around 150k.

150k extra sales on a game that's already made and been published with a piece of extra dlc slapped on the disc? What's not the point?

will this release in EU? (do the international versions usually do?)

cause it's sitting at 12.95£ right now ^^


Squall_Leonhart said:

I would seem that Square-Enix really have lost the plot...

It would seem that Square - Enix and M$ are partners - Say good bye to ff13 vs as a PS3... I'm losing interest in Square... theya re losing the plot and now fans. M$ doesn't care about FF it cares about its self :(

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