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It could be cool if the premise is that he's going back in time to kill his parents so that he was never born.

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But.. a 12 year old can't drive a car...


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Xxain said:

Well just in case we all vomit at the idea.. this will make you feel alll better:



The Back to the Future trilogy is one of those rare movies they've made that are near flawless in their execution, in all of their aspects.

Some people say that the movies have aged well.  I beg to differ.


They haven't aged at all.


Everytime I see them, I'm always impressed by how much ahead of their time the special effects were.  Most of them even rivals those found in the CGI fest we have in the current age.


Like someone else already said, if it's not broken, don't fix it.



ANd... seriously... Bieber?  As if they couldn't find anyone else better to replace the irreplaceable J. Fox.

Great Scot!!! This is Heavy!!!

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yer there should be a rule. Remake has to be make minimum 50years after original. So by then hopefully we will be dead or too old to see the destroyed version of a classic.



Oh No!

Nobody and I mean nobody better fuck with one of my top ten movies of all time! 

Back to the Future is nothing and I mean nothing without Michael J. Fox.  The 3 part film is amazing and should be left alone. 

I have sat and watched redo after redo fuck up everything that was great about the original and if this piece of shit ever gets the green light I will personally march my ass to the studio, on foot, to protest this film. 


They guy has like a billion views on youtube, i'm pretty sure the movie would be a hit if they make it a kids movie.

There are some films you just don't need to remake.

Back to the Future, is one of those films.


I don't care who plays Marty... You just don't touch Back to the Future.