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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Gametrailers Biggest E3 2010 Dissapointment: Zelda

I think the demo was more about gameplay mechanics and less about overall story and gameplay (elaborate dungeon puzzles and such).

People need to chillax. Miyamoto has a pretty good track record.

I would have been dissapointed if the graphics looked more realisitic than TP.

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I would like to say something on this matter ...but i dont think i can... i mean ... someone is saying that zelda is not good... sorry but this just goes beyond my logic ...


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Yeah, from the way they positioned that I have to agree.

They acknowledge it was the most impressive motion useage at the show (keep trying Move/Kinect) but Nintendo didn't really reveal any of the epicness fanboys would be hoping to see.   They focused solely on gameplay and while it worked great, it still feels a little like been there, done that.

I love the visual style but I know many were hoping for a more realistic look.

Also, as far as Kinect/Move/Goldeneye - everyone went in with a huge dose of skepticism and mediocre expectations which Move achieved - mediocre and kinect failed to achieve.  Goldeneye other than being the revival of a fan favorite didn't look impressive in any way, not even for a Wii FPS.  But no one had any real expectations for it so it's hard to disappoint.

Zelda however had everyone expecting a truly mind blowing experience, and that it wasn't, at least this display wasn't, the end game might well be, hence the award.


I'll agree up to a point. I definitely felt a little deflated upon seeing it, just because we were all expecting the kind of realism to put Twilight Princess and Monster Hunter 3 to shame.


Expectations are 9/10ths of satisfaction. Much like how people were disappointed with Nintendo in 08 and 09 for not showing Zelda, now they're disappointed in them not showing the Zelda they expected to see.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Kinect and Move also joined the list here.  It was because of monster high expectations that they Zelda ended up getting the nod.

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Even though I never beat a single Zelda in my life and played 4 of them and I am also not a Zelda fan The WindWaker is my favorite Zelda easy. I think that the artstyle is great and that S.S will be better than all other Zelda games ever made besides maybe T.W.W. I said that I never beat any of them but I have watched my brother beat all 4(O.O.T,M.M,T.W.W,T.P) and honestly I don't know what is so AMAZING about O.O.T. Now that I think about it my favorite Zelda's go in the following order:





So I kind of also understand what the fans of Zelda are dissapointed about. Most Zelda fans think that O.O.T is the best game/Zelda ever made while it is my least favorite but I am not a Zelda fan. T.W.W people seem to like but not as much as the 64 Zelda's or T.P while it is my favorite Zelda game ever because of the graphics. Skyword Sword I like but Major Zelda fans don't so since I am not a Zelda fan and like S.S it could appeal to T.W.W fans or casual crowd...


It's because they don't see Motion Plus Zelda as amazing. They want a deep, rich story (where Link talks) on an epic journey with high end graphics, beautiful orcastrated soundtrack and a deep compelling emotional story about Link..........'s partner.

I think Motion Plus will make the game more fun, but you can't win 'em all I guess.

Zelda will be great... I think the artsy settings of Zelda is part of the natural progression of the Zelda series at this moment. The Skyward Sword seems like a "lofty" (pun intended) tale. It's of the origin of the Master Sword and the Hero of TIme into Hyrule. Realism or ultra realistic graphics would not portray this tale in an adequate nature. I agree with Nintendo's idea to use impressionism as the basis for this Zelda Art Style.

I think overall, skyward sword looked underwhelming. 

That's actually probably a good thing for me because I hate waiting for highly anticipated was torture waiting for RE5, and Zelda TP back in the day, and the fact that I'm not impressed with the latest Zelda is a sigh of relief for me. 

I do expect it to go upwards from here though, I mean it has another year (?) of development to go, and a lot can change/improve over a year.

They should have shown a cutscene, or a more cinematic trailer... I don't know what they were thinking.