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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you ashamed of playing Nintendo games?

Not really. I see no reason to be.

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Son1x said:

Not really. I see no reason to be.

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Pineapple said:

It seems as if quite a few of you misunderstood me. Conciously - rationally - there's no reason to be ashamed of playing Nintendo games. None at all. The problem is, the feeling is still there when talking to other people about it.  It has nothing to do with the fun of playing the game.

i will tell everyone with a strait face that i play and have fun with kirby, pokemon, and mario and i feel no "shame". if you like the game, play it. who the hell cares what others think? if they laugh at you, then ignore them and have fun.


nope never.

I outgrew outgrowing Nintendo a long time ago. Part of growing up is becoming secure enough in one's own maturity to not be ashamed of "childish" things.

Complexity is not depth. Machismo is not maturity. Obsession is not dedication. Tedium is not challenge. Support gaming: support the Wii.

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What do I hate about modern gaming? I hate tedium replacing challenge, complexity replacing depth, and domination replacing entertainment. I hate the outsourcing of mechanics to physics textbooks, art direction to photocopiers, and story to cheap Hollywood screenwriters. I hate the confusion of obsession with dedication, style with substance, new with gimmicky, old with obsolete, new with evolutionary, and old with time-tested.
There is much to hate about modern gaming. That is why I support the Wii.

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I love my Wii!!!

I am a proud player of Nintendo Games. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

I have converted a few non Nintendo gamers to our side (thanks to New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart on Wii and DS)

That's sad. Even in my most naive teenage years, I never felt ashamed to be playing Nintendo games. They're just as much for older people as all those H-core shooters are.

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Nope, lol. It never occoured to me to be ashamed.

I know more about videogames than anyone I have ever encountered in a gamestop, so maybe that's one reason. Another reason is that I'm pretty respectful of my own opinion.

Maybe it's just my personality, but it kinda pisses me off to think there are people who would look down on a grown man for buying a Mario game. It's the most popular franchise in the world, and one of the highest rated and best games of all time....ignorant generalizations made by store employees or my less than knowledgable friends not withstanding.

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I don't need your console war.


What sounds better to a chick? "I'm playing Call of Duty," or, "I'm playing Mario."


Heck, she may even want to watch you play it/play it with you. :)