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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you ashamed of playing Nintendo games?

One thing about me though, is that games don't really have genres in my eyes. Just like music. I don't really distinguish rap from classical, or kiddy from adult.

To me, there is good music, and bad music. That's it. Only two genres.

Same for games. Good games and bad games.

While I tend to get excited over a few franchises and IPs more than others, that doesn't mean that I'm not always open minded about what I play, and always critical of bad games no matter what genre they are in., yes, if Mario is a "good" game then I have no shame. However, I'd be very ashamed to buy, say Haze.

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I don't need your console war.


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no.  there games are not exactly the games I would usually play, but if someone set a ds, or wii in front of me and told me I could play it, I would, without the slightest hesitation. a games a game at the end of the day.  as long as it meets the criteria for being a game, it has to be fun, (or educational). I still take my game boy colour out every now and then and play zelda or pokemon. last time I done it my dad laughed at me and I laughed at him because I felt he was the ignorant for only accepting shooters as acceptable games.

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
I love a good civilised debate (but only if we can learn something).



I'm 36 years old.  I don't see some games as being more "Mature" than others.  Playing Dragon Age or Call of Duty doesn't make me more mature.  Playing Poképark or Excitebike doesn't make me less mature. 

And I believe that in the eyes of non-gamers, video games as a whole are either mature or immature.  There is no distinction. 

When I buy a game system, I look for the most 'toy'-looking version.  My GameCube is purple.  My PSP is green.  My GBA is blue.  My DS Lite is white and I don't like it because some people don't even understand it's a video game.  They think it's an electric dictionary, or a really, really, really small MacBook.

If there is a woman I'm interested in, that I've met on the train or wherever, I'll actually take out my NDS and show it to her (or PSP, or GBA).  How she reacts is a big test.  Some will be turned off right away.  Some will feign interest then change the topic.  Some will be genuinely interested, and some will talk excitedly and pull out an NDS of their own!

True Story:  I have an ex-girlfriend who was a friend of my roommate's.  The first time she came to my place, we played Mario Kart for many hours.  We played every track of the GameCube version twice, then when I asked her what she wanted to do next, she said "more Mario Kart" and we continued to play even more.  Within a week we were dating, and within two weeks we were officially a couple.

So no, I'm not ashamed of playing Nintendo games.  I'm proud to have a hobby that I enjoy, one that I can share with others.

No way, I boast about playing Nintendo games....they're the jam.

Never, why should I be embarrassed to play some of my most liked games? I can just as easily play a round of DOTA or Starcraft in front of my friends and then play Pokemon or Mario in front of them as well. 

Your whole assumption is that Nintendo games = kids games, which is far from the truth. Nintendo games are for every age and for every gamer. Or at least, every gamer that has the ability to see and comprehend anything beyond the limited current view of "OMGZ I IZ THE HARDCOREZ".

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yea i never Tell people i own a SNES, only my Sega Genesis

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No, not at all.   But I grew up playing games in the arcade when pretty much all games were like pac-man, frogger, Donkey-Kong, Q-Bert, Etc.  They were all cute characters so I have no pre-conception that cute characters are for kids.

Really I think that mentality come from the PS1/PS2 generation when it became fashionable for Sony and others to paint Nintendo as 'kiddie' and the Playstation as 'mature'.

Frankly I always found anyone who thought that they were more mature because they were playing a game where blood splattered about and more realistic looks was pretty immature.  It's still a video game. 

Certainly there are kiddie games, but Nintendo generally doesn't make games for kids, nor for adults, they make games for all ages to enjoy, including kids.   But typically teenagers are 'too cool' for that and want blood, guts, gore, violence, sex, etc. thinking it's more manly.  Hardly, but it's a stage most males go through, most outgrow it, especially when they have kids of their own, some don't.


ZenfoldorVGI said:

One thing about me though, is that games don't really have genres in my eyes. Just like music. I don't really distinguish rap from classical, or kiddy from adult.

Since when are "kiddy" and "adult" genres in video games? Is that the case over there in Hardcore-Land?

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I've only felt that way with 3 games I've bought.

Klonoa, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Singstar (which isn't Nintendo but still gave me the same feeling I had when purchasing the other 2 games).

That's about it when it comes to games I've been embarrassed to buy. In fact, throughout the day at work when Animal Crossing came out, I kept going back and forth on whether I should buy it or not.

Pineapple said:

I am. I have absolutely no idea why, but I'm ashamed of playing Nintendo games.

I went to the store  to buy Super Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday. To my own horror, I realised that I felt like I shouldn't be buying the game. As if I was playing something that's really meant for children, not people my age.

This kind of lead to me realising that feeling guilty about buying Nintendo games is a recurring event for me. I've somehow ended up subconciously believing that Nintendo games are "kiddy", or however you prefer to word it.

I talked to some other people about it, and it turns out that there are quite a few people who feel that Nintendo games just aren't for them. They love the games, but sort of feel that as males 18-30, they shouldn't.

Have you ever fallen into that "trap", being ashamed/unwilling to tell others that you play Nintendo games?

I feel sorry for you that you must define your "coolness" with videogames.

I will be playing Nintendo games until I'm 80, I don't care what people think of me. I appreciate quality, and Nintendo, for my money, makes the best quality games.