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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you ashamed of playing Nintendo games?

Millennium said:

I outgrew outgrowing Nintendo a long time ago. Part of growing up is becoming secure enough in one's own maturity to not be ashamed of "childish" things.

Amen. You cannot outgrow "fun", and that's what Nintendo does best.

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Only game Ive ever been ashamed of playing is DDR. As far as Ninty games, when I mention Im playing them to others(I seldom bring up videogames in social events as most of my friends dont game) most people are interested in them. Be it Mario or Pokemon if I say Im playing it most people will say; "Oh yeah that game looks pretty cool how is it?" or "I used to play that game are the new ones any good?" Nintendo games, as always are made for all ages.

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Metallicube said:

I feel sorry for you that you must define your "coolness" with videogames.

I will be playing Nintendo games until I'm 80, I don't care what people think of me. I appreciate quality, and Nintendo, for my money, makes the best quality games.

Don't get so defensive. Pineapple is an okay dude, he's not our enemy.

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I always thought it was only the grade school kids that felt bad if they werent playing Halo and CoD (or whatever "in" game) with their friends.

"E" is for EVERYONE. That includes 18-30 males.

nope! im not ashamed! nintendo games are great fun and easily justifiable! 

im ashamed i play WoW >.>

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What does bother me is when my friends on Cross Country talk about Call of Duty, and I have nothing to contribute. That's why I'm thinking of reviving my 360 and getting Black Ops this Christmas.....

Also, they make fun of the Wii. A lot. Irrationally. And they make fun of me for playing Nintendo.

But even then I'm not ashamed. I like what I like, and if they can't accept it, so be it.

no bcuz no true gamer cant diss mario

He' s the king of video games,the one who represents gaming

only kids who didnt  grew up with ninty games say they're for kids

I dont know whats ur age but trust me

no adult gamers would look down upon you for playin mario games


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izaaz101 said:

I was ashamed of playing Pokemon in high school. After that, though, I didn't really care.

That was the limit of mine, too. I was an unabashed Nintendo fanboy through high school, but for some reason Pokemon crossed the line at that point. Not any more, obviously.

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okr said:
SimonSaysFYou said:
Joelcool7 said:


dude your grammar and spelling is absolutely atroucious. fix that shit.

Shouldn't his grammar and spelling be "atrocious", SimonSpellsFYou?

OT: No.

He also missed the capital letters at the start of both sentences.  Bans and warnings can be handed or for posts that add nothing to the thread.

OT: I never feel ashamed for playing Nintendo games, the same as I don't feel ashamed watching Pixar movies.  They aren't made for kids, they are made with a little for everybody.  If being an 'adult' or 'mature' makes you lose touch with things that kids enjoy how on earth are you going to relate to your own kids?

Nope, Nintendo has some great games - I wouldn't call mario kiddy, but the Wii is sort of labled as a kiddy system.