Forums - Gaming Discussion - So which will be more Successful- Kinect or Move

We have seen the software and we have seen the prices-

Kinect- Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Your Shape, kinect Adventures, etc.

Move- Sorcery, Heroes on the Move,Move Party, Sports Champions, Socom 4, etc.

Kinect- $150 (gametop) Also not sure if it will come with a game xbox 360 (cheapest $150)  Total about $300

Move- $100 with game, camera, and move wand (Subcontroller not included $30) PS3 (cheapest $300)    Total- $400

I honestly like Move better since i already own PS3 so Move will be cheaper for me. Also sorcery has me interested. However new comers will find the Kinect and xbox bundle cheaper. 

Which do you think will be more successful?  

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I think Kinect. It looks very cool, and Move seems too similar to the Wii.

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I think move. It caters to all - esp hardcore!

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I think Kinect has a slightly greater chance. The hardware is quite expensive if the rumours are correct, but you will only need one camera. Sony tried to market the Move to both core and casual gamers but I don't think their games are enough to attract either market. Kinect was severly lacking on the core part but has imo a much bigger chance of appealing to casual gamers. Focusing on social gaming is key.

Move. The games showed for Kinect were less than stellar... 

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Depends which one gets bundled and advertised. Guess who has the money for that?

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We only have what we have seen so far from both, and so far, Move has shown wayyyy more than Kinect.

The answer right now is; Move.


Anything could happen i guess, but at E3, Kinect showed little more than Sony did at GDC months ago

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Why is everyone saying these devices are expensive? Wiifit came with 1 game and a plastic board and was 100 bucks. This is *slightly* more advanced tech with a lot more costs money to build this stuff.

With that said I think Kinect will mop the floor with Move when it comes to sales.  

Move is just a gaming device, which while more precise, has been available for 4 years now. Sony may stress that its more precise...but casuals dont care, only we do. 

While Kinect is a user interface device for the xbox as much as its a gaming device...Not to mention that its slightly more unique in its execution and is easier to market to casuals (tracks body, and voice control...who doesn't want that?). Add to that the day when Kinect announces PC support and yeah...

Kinect because MS will push this harder than Sony will Move. I just wonder for how long.

Microsoft is going to push it harder than putting PS MOVE and the PS3 on every single coca cola/sprite can this FALL/WINTER?


Really? I don't think that's even possible.. and move comes out almost 2 months earlier.