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Chicks save Galaxies too.

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88 - Adults always carry more money than kids, and it is because they have bigger Ruppes bags ^~


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89 you can put whole fruits in the ground to grow trees

90 you can walk all the way to the left side of the world and end up on the right side

91.  You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attacks

92.  Trees burst into flames when attacked... with anything...

93.  Fox has pretty smooth flying

94.  Glass Joe gives even frenchmen a bad name

95.  That gorillas and plumbers don't get along

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96. we are all enslaved by the raccon

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97. people  will take turns attacking each other

98. Birds can carry your weight

99. You don't need legs for sports

100. somone is watching you all the time

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101. If you lose traction with your rear wheels around a turn you'll actually go faster.

102. An engine backfire out of your exhaust pipes should give you a hefty speed boost.

103. Dropping a banana peel out of a car window is an incredibly dangerous practice.

104. If a knife is stuck in it's holder, there are probably 3 pendants or so hanging around that should loosen it up a little.

105. Fairies are in fact real. Either A) you eat them (or they fly around you) and they give you more energy; or B) They are weird, greedy, creepy  middle-aged men who "have something you need" and don't mind getting a little awkward with you while they take you and your wallet to the cleaner's.

107. Bad guys usually leave their front doors unlocked...but when they do lock doors they always lock themselves in and leave the key somewhere on the outsite.

108. Giant lizards hate italian plumbers.

109. If you wear a green tunic and a hat everyone will adore you and trust you with everything they have.

110. The ends typically do justify the means.

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106. If you perform a barrel roll your airplane will be invincible and actually deflect lasers. So, "Do a barrel roll!"

Ok, now we're up to #110. Sorry about that.

#111, Garlic makes you strong.

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112. you'll live even after falling into molten lava multiple times
113. you may think you're a dude now, but in the end you'll find out you were a girl all along
114. if you feed your pet enough stuff he'll eventually poop out something nice
115. ghosts aren't scary, one look renders them harmless