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56. touching a star turns you into a rainbow

57. robots can drive extremely fast

58. when turtles heads fall into lava they can still come back

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Not 200 yet!!!


59. Polar bears wear sunglasses and pink shorts.

60. Gardening skills are important if you ever crash land on another planet.

61. You gotta catch 'em all!

62. The bigger the 3D glasses, the bigger the headache.

63. Storks DO deliver babies. Sometimes they mess up.

64. 1 Mario is good, 128 Marios is totally awsome.

65. Skirt physics is a nightmare.

66. Being lazy is good and makes you rich.

67. humans are able to jump four times their hight, they just don't know it yet

68. Whistles can transport you to other lands.



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69 (lulz a special one for this). You can see Samus nude by hitting her with electricity

70. As time goes on 1up shrooms will eventually take over the mushroom kingdom and space

71. And in the future... all is devastation

72. Transvestite aliens are really nice people

73. It's dangerous to go alone

74. You will never truly catch them all... EVER... they just keep coming in packs of about one hundred

75. That child/animal/spousal abuse is fine as long as you throw them off the edge of a tall building or moving platform

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76. Green dinosaurs have very long tongues.


77. The last Metroid is in captivity. The Galaxy is at peace.
78. Don't sweat it if you happen to be killed by a galactic bounty hunter. Cloning will get you back and ready for more.
79. He is Error.
80. Bushes are just different colored clouds.

81. You get big when you take mushroom.

82. Maximum Tomatoes will heal the most fatal wounds.

83. A person can have up to 20 hearts if they look hard enough.

84.Spicy food makes animals run faster then they normally do.

85. You can stand on clouds.


86. You can sell a fish to a beggar for 100 rupees.