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Worst game ever?

Come on. I actually liked that game.

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I loved SA2B on the GC. Definitely one of my favorite games of last gen.

Sounds to me like your problem was your expectations. You played the game expecting something out of it, which is, in my opinion, a silly way to play games. I don't think too much about what I want/hope for a game to be when I play it. It is what it is, and if I accept that before I play, I rarely feel let down.

Oh lawdy, I completely disagree with this thread. Sonic Adventure 2 is my favorite Sonic game of all time.

Not perfect, but I can't think of a platform adventure game that is.

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i liked SA2 , bite me!

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I quite liked Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. The story mode was decent. I liked the fetch quests with knuckles. Tails levels bugged me, but the multi-player Sonic Vs. Shadow races were a lot of fun.

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It is certainly a contender for worst game ever made.




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Sonic Adventure 2 was much, much, much better than Sonic Adventure 1.

Pretty much, it took the best parts out of SA 1 and upgraded them, adding new experiences to boot.

I loved the Knuckles/Rouge levels, since it was always a challenge finding the three shards of the emerald fast enough to get an A rating.

The Tails/Dr. Eggman stages were pretty good as well, the use of their homing system weapons kinda reminded me of the homing laser in Panzer Dragoon.

Sonic/Shadow levels were awesome, pretty much the best 3D Sonic Levels I've played so far. It had a good sense of speed, especially the ARK levels.

And then, there was the Biolizard ultimate showdown.... Pretty much one of the most epic confrontations in any Sonic game.

So yeah...I don't agree with you at all

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My brother and I got a stupid amount of playtime out of that game's multiplayer. Hell, we even went so far as to raise a couple of bad-ass Chao who blazed trough everything the game threw at them - the only thing that could challenge them was each other. I remember mine looked like a dragon and his was kind of an angel dealie.

I enjoyed the Tails/Eggman stages, the Sonic stages gave a good sense of speed, and the Knuckles/Rouge stages were where I collected all the animals for my Chao so I can't complain about that.

disolitude said:

I've noticed your posts here are very erratic. rarely do you have a point of a discussion and you just post stuff for the sake of creating arguments.

In any case, Sonic Adventure 2 is not the worst game ever made.

Tails and knuckles leves are somewhat dull but even they are a solid 7/10 game for when the game actually came out (2001)

The sonic levels and amazing and fun even to this day. To me, the Final Rush level alone was more exciting than any level in a any Mario game to that date...

Also metacritic seems to have been pretty kind to the game for when it came out:

Wow. I want that in 3d. Dolphin plays GC games right?

I never finished SA2. I want to but will wait until I get a VGA adapter for my DC.