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    Sonic Adventure 2 is the worst game ever created.

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 May 2010

    Thoughts? YOUR A LOSER! SCUMFACE ... NEVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT SONIC ADVENTURE 2 ... it was magnificent....

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    Who is your favorite video game icon and why

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2010

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ever!...

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    Does anyone here have ' Number Battle ' for Dsi? I want to WI-FI Battle!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 April 2010

    If anyone downloaded the MAGNIFICENT ' Number Battle ' for Dsi ( only 500 points!!! ) please add me to your friends list, give me your friend code, and lets play some online battles!!! Its sad that i have NEVER found anyone on wi-fi to play against ... and most of you probably dont know what ' Number Battle ' is ... shame on you! Its the best game on the Dsi Shop ... buy it now!! :-)My Friend...

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    Final Fantasy Showdown Round #2 -- Rate FF8!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 April 2010


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    I'm not excited about Pokémon Black & White. Who else isn't?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2010

    im not too excited ... i just started to play SoulSilver ... its just the same damn game ... with a few lame additions to Diamond ... i really wish they would start to do something new with the series...

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    Devil May Cry 5 to be developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2010

    PLANTIUM GAMES is your answer ... i love them, bayonetta is what DMC was meant to be...

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    Impressions of GOW3 (spoilers) and Bayonetta comparison

    in Sony Discussion on 08 April 2010

    BAYONETTA > GOW3 easy...

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    Sadness officially vaporware, soundtrack released

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 April 2010

    i wanted this game soooooooooooooo badly :-(...

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    Last Window: Midnight Promise - Will it ever be released in English????

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 April 2010

    Will this game ever be released in NTSC / PAL regions in english? Hotel dusk is possibly my favourite game of all time ... when i heard there was a sequal, i was sooooo happy!Now CING are bankrupt and i dont know if we will ever get it ... :-(It was meant to be released in August in PAL i believe ... ive seen trailers and it had plenty in english in it, so therefore work has been done in...

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    Top 5 PS3 games

    in Sony Discussion on 13 March 2010

    1. Warhawk2. Valkyria Chronicles3. Metal Gear Solid 44. Folklore5. Cant Decide ..................

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    EDGE needs to stop reviewing immediately! Enough is Enough!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2010

    dude, bayonetta is amazing ... it deserves its 10/10 but other then that, i agree with all, edge should GTFO, they are all losers...

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    Poll: Mario Kart Fans! Chose Your Favorite!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 March 2010

    Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube was far superior to the one of Wii ..... dont believe me? try it, the wii one is a disappointment, but the best mario kart is the one on DS :-)...

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    Will Super Mario Galaxy 2 surpass the first one?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2010

    If SMG2 can be played via gamecube controller, not wii mote and nunchuck - YESif not ... NEVER...

    Write 19

    Requesting Game Purchasing Advice

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2010

    TRACE MEMORY (ntsc) / ANOTHER CODE (pal) and HOTEL DUSK! ...

    Write 36

    Heavy rain $30 and Mag $40 both brand new on Ebay

    in Sony Discussion on 01 March 2010

    yes! tell us how it goes, if its real, ill get myself a copy of heavy rain too :D...

    Write 77

    I'm thinking about getting a Wii today, but I'm not 100% sure

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 February 2010

    Noooo! dont buy it!! ... i love nintendo but nooooo!!this is what i suggest ...- Buy a gamecube * probably like $10 now * and remember the glory days when nintendo made games for fans, not for money :-)...

    Write 23

    When do you think PS4 will come out?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 February 2010

    This may sound crazy, but no earlier than late 2014, early/mid 2015. There is no need to upgrade the ps3 for many years, they still haven't even begun to use its full potential....

    Write 17

    Help me decide a game to buy ... and explain why? :-)

    in Sony Discussion on 26 February 2010

    OMG! thanks for the recommendations guys :-) TOTALLY forgot about demons souls! i really want that game too!!! i need a new poll with it in there lol :-D...

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    Help me decide a game to buy ... and explain why? :-)

    in Sony Discussion on 26 February 2010

    After spending all my money on a pro new laptop, i only have enough for 1 game to buy for now ... Let me explain why i want all 6, and why i cant choose...1. White Knight Chronicles- Im craving a good RPG on ps3. I've finishing valkyria chronicles <3, eternal sonata, disgaea 3, etc etc. Altho i hear it got bad reviews :-(- I hear the online is great ... and ive craved a good console RPG online...

    Write 5

    My Heavy Rain Review.

    in Sony Discussion on 25 February 2010

    Im in a huge dilemma ... buy this, or WKC, or wait for FF13 ... or bayonetta ... damn i need a job lol!anyway, nice review!...

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