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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official April 2010 NPD Thread (Data for 4 wks ending May 2 in 3 hours)

Glad SC is spot on, it's on track to become the most sold SC game since the original.


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darthdevidem01 said:
Demotruk said:
darthdevidem01 said:
bmmb1 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Demotruk is the new trestres confirmed?

Yes, imo he even outtrestreses trestres

I agree, but to be fair most of trestres worries actually made sense 95% of the time.

Excuse me? If you're going to say I'm not making sense at least have the decency of making an argument.


Only a simpleton would think that just because the Wii is outselling the competition that everything is alright. Now I'm sure Sony and MS wish they had Nintendo's troubles, but being down YoY in an improving economy against an easy comparison like April 2009 and down month on month in spite of easing supply, is something Nintendo should be very concerned about.

I'm still laughing over the fact that you said Wii is in the process of collapsing

Wii was "collapsing" in the same fashion a year ago, we all know how that ended (December 2009 Sales for wii, go figure).

I would expect a tough & strong argument from the person who is saying the fastest selling console ever is in the process of collapsing, you haven't given that, I'm all ears Demotruk.

What do you think the word "collapsing" means? It means falling, rapidly. So, are you claiming that Wii sales aren't falling rapidly? It's pretty clear that they are, whichever comparison you choose to make.


Now maybe you've taken the word "collapsing" to mean something more and you think I'm saying "this is the end and nothing can be done about it". But it should be deducible that I'm not since I said: "Wii is in trouble, it's in the process of collapsing, I hope Nintendo can do enough to bring it back."


Sales in 2009 were collapsing, it's just that they managed to stall that decline in the latter half and then turn it around for a while in December. Maybe they can do that again, but it'll be tough. NSMB was massive, and that only managed to turn things around for a short while, as the gen goes on it'll be harder to regain lost momentum (with people getting bored of Wii during successive software droughts).

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Well at least I'm not a total failure.
NPD just revealed the top 20 and MLB10 is ranked 17th !!!
I got one right at least........

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !


Looks like Monster Hunter was tracked very well here, hopefully it is meeting expectations so far.

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I expected it to drop, but not like that.


palancas7 said:

I expected it to drop, but not like that.

Whoa, hadn't noticed that.  It's...quite a drop.  Will it become the worst-selling mainline Final Fantasy since the SNES era?

Wait wait wait wait.


....Did we overtrack FFXIII according to NPD numbers?

Good sales all around

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Xephonai said:

Good sales all around