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darkheart709 said:
Whoa at FFXIII, what were SE's expectations for the game

6 Million combined were their expectations. It is currently around 5 combined.  2 million in Japan was their expectations, and it is currenlty at 1.91 Million.

People will say their expectations was to outsell FF7 which was not true. it was a hope. (beings that's their highest selling game of all time), they thought they created something that had a chance at outselling seven, but obviously it won't do that.

Now it still has a fairly good chance of selling 6mil. As well as, I don't know if their going to do re-releases of FFXIII international in japan which usually gets them .5 mill.

So It's likely to perform at the lower end of their expectations. Rather than the high (FF7 sales +) :D

I was wrong, the expectation was ship 6 million not sell which obviously increases the chances even more of it achieving expectations

taken from the article

"One of the biggest profit drivers, of course, will be Square Enix's highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy XIII. As part of the interview, Wada said that he expects the game to ship more than 6 million units worldwide"