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Just wanted to know if any of you who own EA sports Active on wii have lost weight with the game, I've lost 28lbs since i started playing the game 2 months ago, Of course i changed my eating habbits by eating healthy but still i must say this game is amazing, do yourself a favor and get this game if you are out of shape and need to loose some pounds. I'm going to post some pics of before and after 2 months of EA sports active.


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Thats awesome bro. Hardcore gamers are going to die by the age of 40, WHO WINS THE CONSOLE WAR NOW?

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Hey congrats! Very well done.

I don't care about my weight. Maybe I should make a thread when I gain 28 lbs. lol

Thx guys! I'm still going with the game I'm on my 3rd 30day challenge now to see how much more i could loose =D

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Wow don't give up, the harder are the first months! You can then send youre report to Obama lol.

Congratulations man, keep it up

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Congratz !


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megaman79 said:
Thats awesome bro. Hardcore gamers are going to die by the age of 40, WHO WINS THE CONSOLE WAR NOW?

Now that's a post lol. And congrats on loosing the weight.