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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Reach Beta is Fail

This game fails in so many way to its predcessors its a joke. So there is the stalker, guard and airborne and scount classes. They are probably

wants ruining the expierence for me. They are so lame and pathetic its a joke and completely make the halo game not feel like a halo game. I

feel like im playing crysis and using my special abiltys that are super unbalanced. Ive been playing halo since the very beginning and dumped

 tons of hours into the game and played halo2 and 3 quite competivley. Has of the past two hours this game is NOT a halo game and should

have been bungie's new ip for activision. Going to play some more tonight and hopefully get a better expirence. this is reach atm

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You sound really unhappy with it, is it really that different? The vids I've seen look very Halo-ey. I really like the rather shallow MP in Halo, it's just so much fun, I don't want it over complicated.

I remember people saying this for Halo 2 over Halo CE and Halo 3 over Halo 2.


I just played 5 or 6 matches and it is fun, it is Halo, it's all good.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

That's the reason why halo CE is the only halo, I really liked, the unbalanced pistol! That was so much fun.

but im the minority I guess. Sorry about it not living up to your expectations.

but it is called a beta for a reason. And balancing is normally what they fix in those.

I hated Halo 3, and i love this Beta... So i disagree with you.

The new "Perks" add some more strategy to it depending on what game modes you play. In other words... It's awesome.


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The only fail I see as far as the Beta goes, is the fact that it takes FOREVER to connect to servers and play the game (it felt like Game Room in how slow it took). I really like the jet pack and other features, as they give the games greater variety than before.

Those classes are not final. As you rank you get more perks to customize youself, and there will be many more in the final version.

You're nuts. This is the greatest game ever... If only I could connect.

I suspect you are the type that hates change... I sure hope you didnn't bitch how Halo 3 was the same as Halo 2 if you are bitching that Halo Reach is too much new.

My only complaint is the controls and the fact that the beta is being hit with so many new people today that it is taking forever to work. Other than that it seems like Halo on steroids which is great!

i agree the controls feel a little out of place. Has far as halo 2 and 3 I loved them from the day I started playing them. I was also playing splitscreen cause my gf was over, hopefully tonight when I have a full screen I can enjoy myself more.