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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Reach Beta is Fail

LoveGenie said:

Hey guys look at this cool picture I made.



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homicidaIpanda said:
LoveGenie said:

Hey guys look at this cool picture I made.



No its not....

tuscaniman said:
mirgro said:
Finals have been getting in my way to play much, but it seems like a fun game to be played.

However I can't agree with your 'it takes no skill" argument,since Halo games have NEVER taken a lot of skill. They are noobish games plain and simple. They are fun and and great locally and take it for what it is, but if you want to measure your mettle go play UT or Quake. Even CS took more skill than Halo1 and CS was usually laughed at as the game noobs play.

Wrong.  I was one of the top Q3Arena players out there and I don't "pwn" in Halo. I seriously doubt you've played Halo 3 cause if you have you'd know that if you arent elite with the BR then you are done. Same with Reach. The DMR is a gun that takes alot of skill and now with the armor abilities I feel there are more varied tactics to win. Once the pros get the hang of this game is gonna be crazy. Luckily we start on an even playing field so hopefully I'll be good at this one.

I never played Halo 2 online so I was way behind when 3 came out since the games were very similar.

Its funny that you say that because a lot of pros that we only halo 3 pros dont like this game and alot of the former pros from halo 1 and 2 like it, halo 3 was a noob fest with all the power weapons and equipment, MLG was different but not how bungie made and envisioned the game

I Hate the fact that all these pillows are contaminated by retard!!

My impressions: i believe the game to be fun; it is still halo. I love the game, i like the powerups. The game is more tactical. The graphics look cool. The new maps, modes and matchmaking are awesome. My only gripe is the fucking grenades. If bungie doesn't fix the grenades range of explosion, i will not play this game.